Greg Simons

Greg Simons received a B.S. degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences in 1987 from Texas A&M University and soon after formed Wildlife Systems, Inc., a company that currently manages hunting operations on over 800,000 acres of private land in Texas and New Mexico. He is also co-owner of Wildlife Consultants, LLC, providing technical assistance to landowners and other entities on habitat management and other wildlife-related issues. Greg served as President of Texas Wildlife Association through July 2015.
axis deer, Texas, hunting

Spotted Fever: A Guide to the Axis Deer Hunt

Today, axis deer are in great abundance in certain areas of Texas, found free-ranging ...

Water for Wildlife

Water for Wildlife

Values associated with wildlife are significant and diverse. It’s been estimated that the economic ...

Springtime Thunder: The Call of Texas’ Spring Turkey Hunting Season

In Texas, and elsewhere, the history of the wild turkey is one of the ...

Creating Kid-Friendly Hunting Properties and Experiences

It's a rewarding and often refreshing experience to have youngsters in a hunting camp. ...

exotic game animals in texas

A Guide to Texas Exotics

They’ve been called a “poor man’s bighorn”. Some taxonomists do not even consider them ...

Hunting in Texas: More than Just a Whitetail State

Don’t overlook Texas when prospecting around for options to pursue mule deer and elk.

hunting land marketing tips

Marketing 101: Strategies For Hunting Enterprises

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bowhunting advice

Ranch Prep for Bowhunters

Preparing for bowhunters is a different challenge than preparing for rifle hunters. For many ...

wildlife management valuation

Habitat Management Practices for Wildlife Valuation

While agricultural tax valuation is fairly common, Texas landowners have a unique opportunity to ...

eminent domain law

Understanding the Law of Eminent Domain in Texas

For many landowners, eminent domain isn’t an abstract legal construct, but a force that ...

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