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Frequently asked questions about call forwarding on Signature and Premium listings.

What is call-forwarding?

Signature and Premium accounts include a unique phone number that forwards calls. The call-forwarding number is displayed on contact forms. Its use allows you to attribute leads to advertising on the Network—just like emails from the contact form.

Why is my phone number not showing on my listing?

All Signature and Premium listings display call-forwarding phone numbers on contact forms instead of personal phone numbers. This provides you with lead data and insight into interest generated on the Network, including Lands of America, Land And Farm, and LandWatch.

Do each of my listings show a unique call-forwarding number?

No, you have one call-forwarding number for your account that is used for all listings.

How long will the call forwarding number appear on my listings?

The call forwarding number will be displayed as long as the seller remains active at the Signature or Premium level. Should a seller downgrade to Standard or no longer have the need to advertise at some point in the future, the call forwarding number will be preserved for 90 days after the change occurs.

What happens if I stop advertising with the Network?

We will keep your call-forwarding number active and forward calls for 90 days. If you want to keep your number, then you can port it to another carrier. After 90 days, the phone number will be released back to the carrier. We will not reuse your phone number.

I have multiple phone numbers. Which one will you use?

Calls will be forwarded to your mobile number. If your account does not have a mobile number, then we forward calls to your office number.

How do I update my phone number and what happens to call forwarding? 

You can change your phone number in the ACCOUNT section of the Property Control Center. Call forwarding will automatically update upon saving your change.

Where will my new call-forwarding number show up?

If you are a Signature or Premium seller, your call-forwarding number will apply to your property flyers, listing details pages, seller profile, and broker directory pages.

Will I be able to see calls in the Property Control Center?

Yes, our primary reason for implementing call forwarding is to give you more transparency into the leads and interest you generate from listing on the Network. You will be able to track the number of calls generated in the MY LEADS section of the Property Control Center. 

Additionally, we send an email with the callers phone number to assist you with lead attribution. Getting too many phone calls with email notifications? Your Account Manager can deactivate email notifications.

Why make this change now?

A key advantage of uniting Lands of America, Land And Farm, and LandWatch under the umbrella is the ability to manage all of your listings through a single Property Control Center. This includes email leads, which have been captured since the inception of each site. This new feature ensures that your phone leads are captured as well.

This helps you ensure that potential buyers are not getting missed. It also allows you to quantify the tremendous marketing benefits provides through the numerical data as well as the ability to trace sales back to the initial contact point.

What information will be displayed in the Property Control Center?

The Property Control Center displays all phone calls originating from your listings, whether they were answered or not. You will see the date and time of the call, the phone number of the caller, and the duration of the call. If the caller’s phone number belongs to a buyer or seller account registered in our system, their name and email address will also appear. 

Are you recording my phone calls?

No, phone calls are not recorded. Federal law requires consent to record phone conversations. We have not asked for or received your consent.

I have a Corporate Account. Can I view call-forwarding data for each of my Child Accounts?

Absolutely. This information does not currently appear in the Property Control Center. However, it is being added in September 2020, and it will retroactively include all data from August 2020.

What is doing with this data?

The information about your individual phone calls is yours and yours alone. It will never be provided to other companies. We will aggregate the data at a macro level to quantify the total number of phone and email leads generated for our value sellers.

Can I opt out of call forwarding?

We do not offer the option to opt out of call forwarding on your listings. Our tools are intended to give you full transparency and important information about the interest your listing is generating on our network. Call forwarding is an essential component.

Confirm your current phone number is the one to use for call forwarding.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact our Client Services team, or reach out to your Account Manager or Sales Representative with any questions you may have.

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