Heather Richie

Heather Richie is a writer & producer whose special interest is the land traditions—particularly the foodways and sporting—of the modern American and unbordered Souths.
Trees in apple orchard

Is Your Land Orchard-Ready? (Plus: Thanksgiving Cider Suggestions!)

Virginia's Foggy Ridge Cider founder Diane Flynt pioneered the hard-cidery craft in the region over 20 years ago. Here, we talk to her about her favorite ciders and the steps you need to consider to turn your land into a producing apple orchard.

holiday gift guide

Best Holiday Gifts for Land Lovers: 2018 Edition

Once again, we've scouted our best suggestions for the land lover in your life. These ideas will go over great for the holiday gift-giving season, though they would probably be well received anytime of year.

Image of feral pigs digging up a field

Hunters Helping Farmers: On the Hunt for Feral Pigs with Hog Carl

Feral pigs, also called wild hogs, can pose a problem to landowners growing valuable crops. Join the author as she rides along on a South Carolina hog hunt to learn more about the connection between hunters and farmers to control this destructive species.

Woman fly-fishing, mountain lake

Guide to the Best Wading Boots & Gear for Female Anglers

Our guide to the best women-specific boots and wading gear for fly-fishing, whether you're hiking mountain streams or casting at your local lake.

Image of hemlock trees

Save Our Trees!: The Plight of the Eastern Hemlock

Got hemlocks? Look out for these special trees on your land. The hemlock is under threat from an invasive insect species that has particularly taken hold throughout the eastern United States.

10 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Land Lover In Your Life

The holidays are here, and that means finding a good gift for the land lover in your life. This could be a family member or friend, but we’ve curated this list also keeping in mind the landowner who deserves that thank-you gift for allowing you access year after year to prime hunting.

How to Create a Water Feature on Your Property

Before you start digging that idyllic water feature on your land, there are some basic questions you should ask first. We take a look.

Bespoke Field Fashion

Covey Charleston, which launched in 2015, builds on the personal luxury of a woman's already perfect-fitting pants by modifying the fabric for life in the field.

Flooding after Hurricane Matthew

Farmland Floodwater Resources for Agri-Businesses Hit by Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew's storm-surge flooding was especially devastating to the emerged crops of southeastern coastal farms because late September and early October marks the beginning of the fall harvest season. Here are some USDA programming resources to assist farmers with post-hurricane recovery.

Profile: Landrum Tables and Capers Cauthen

Charleston Master Craftsman: Landrum Tables’ Capers Cauthen

Charleston's Capers Cauthen is a master craftsman who melds his love of the land with his exquisite custom lumber creations from Landrum Tables.

Leasing Hunting Land Advice: photo from The Last Buffalo quail hunt

Is Leasing Your Land for Commercial Hunting a Good Idea? A View from the Field

With hunting season just around the corner, now is the time to put hunting lease agreements in place. Whether it's an individual or commercial operation, there are pros and cons to each arrangement. Writer Heather Richie went out in the field to join one outfitter for a hunt and learn more about the professional land-lease relationship for landowners.

Advice for managing your timberland investment

Swailing Smarts: Advice for Managing Your Timberland Investment

Managed timberlands can generate returns almost four times higher than non-managed lands, making it essential the landowner manages this resource wisely.