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Conquering the Land: Skiing Colorado’s Elk Mountain Grand Traverse

The Elk Mountain Grand Traverse is an annual endurance ski race starting in Crested Butte, Colorado, at midnight, finishing in Aspen the next day.

Red Fox: History, Habitats & Habits

If you live in any of the lower 48 states, Canada or Alaska, at least one of the five North American fox species is your neighbor.

Great Land Brokers Believe in Value Added

The business world has changed dramatically and all occupations regardless of profession must adapt.

12 Awesome Texas-Themed Holiday Gift Ideas

The editors of TEXAS LAND magazine have picked out some of their favorite holiday gift ideas with a heaping of Lone Star State charisma, style and form.

Listing of the Week: Gray Hackle Ranch near Durango, Colorado

Year-End Tax Prep: 5 Tips for Landowners

As the year winds down, you’re probably already thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. If one of them is to keep better track of your finances, this is the time to look back at your records and prepare for tax season or a major purchase.

jane long texas

Jane Long: Mother of Texas

Most Texans know her name. She’s the “Mother of Texas.” Unfortunately, that’s usually all they know about Jane Long.

hunter guest advice

How to Manage Hunters and Guests on Your Land

Permitting hunters and recreational guests on your property involves personal interaction. Personal interaction generally escalates into person problems. This fact was borne out in a recent statement by a landowner. “I don’t mind the hunting as much as I do the hunters.”

Camera Surveys: The Emerging Wildlife Tool

Game cameras have become a popular scouting tool for hunters, but are they the right tool for you?

land and property taxes

Taxes Don’t Have to Get Worse Whenever Congress Meets

High taxes tend too often to prevent the sale of a great property.

The Landscapes of Jerome and Jeromyah Jones

Painting scenes from Maymont has been the subject that matters in many of Jerome W. Jones, Jr.’s collection of landscapes for over 50 years.

Noodling for Catfish: A Beginner’s Guide

What is the exact opposite of fly fishing in crystal-clear water in a pristine mountain stream for elusive trout? It has to be “noodling” for catfish in murky brown rivers.

Grazing as a Habitat Management Tool

Ruben Cantu and Greg Simons of Wildlife Consultants offer an overview of the benefits of livestock and game grazing to improve ranch and farm habitat.

Buyers Beware: Five Things You Need to Know Before Buying Property in Texas

If a seller doesn’t know something, beware. By not investigating this for yourself, you could be in for an unwelcome surprise after you close on a property.

Panorma of Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley

Destination Spotlight: Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley

The Roaring Fork Valley consists of approximately 50 miles stretching from Aspen to Glenwood Springs in Colorado. We take a tour.

Picture of ranch gate on land for sale

How to Determine the Right Price for Your Ranch Property

Real estate agent Chris Kopf offers some expert advice for pricing your ranch for sale based on market values and other important factors.

sam middleton broker profile

Sam Middleton: A Legacy of the Land

Reflecting on the W.T. Waggoner sale earlier this year, Middleton believes that the interest in the property speaks volumes for the investment stability of land can’t beat the “romance and the legacy” of having a ranch.

The REALTORS Land Institute to the Rescue

Landowners are under attack and now the bad guys are some members of Congress.

advice for estate planning

All Things Being Equal: Estate Planning Advice for You & Your Family

As a comprehensive financial planning firm that specializes in working with large landowners, we are often asked to resolve the issue of “fair vs. equal” for couples with multiple children.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs: Colorado’s Best Kept Secret

Despite its rich history spanning more than 140 years, Steamboat Springs, located on the Continental Divide in the northwest corner of Colorado, is a well-kept secret.

Stephen Kirkpatrick

Stephen Kirkpatrick: Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Stephen Kirkpatrick has been chased by grizzly bears, attacked by alligators, and nibbled by piranha, and in the process, he’s captured some of the world’s most exciting wildlife and nature photography.