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Joseph Magnano, Vibrant Cows

Changing the Face of Cows: Meet Texas Artist Joseph Magnano

Joseph Magnano is a contemporary artist. He works predominantly in the medium of painting, and focuses his attention towards cows.

Donning the Camo Cowboy Hat: Balancing Wildlife and Livestock

The allure of owning ranchland is deeply rooted in our American culture. As the late novelist, Louis L’amour wrote, “There’s a little cowboy in all of us, a little frontier.”

texas ranch brigade camp

Ranch Brigade: Learning, Leading and Land Stewardship

The goal of camp isn’t to make you the best rancher in the world; it’s to provide you enough knowledge so you can tell the story of stewardship and give back to the community.

Waggoner Ranch, Texas

Texas’ Waggoner Ranch Officially Changes Hands

Judge approves sale of historic Waggoner Ranch in Texas to billionaire Stan Kroenke. The massive ranch covers over 500,000 acres.

Recipes from Melissa Joulwan: Well Fed Books 1 & 2

Cuisine by Melissa Joulwan: Recipes from the Land

Melissa Joulwan shares some of her favorite paleo recipes from the land. Try her Polish hunters' stew, spiced nuts, and marinated olives.

Clyde Aspevig

Clyde Aspevig – Landscape Paintings

Considered by many to be the foremost representational landscape painter of our time, Clyde Aspevig’s personal and artistic horizons have ...

Campfire Gathering

A Campfire Gathering is a Great Way to Make Memories This Winter

A campfire planned as a social event is different from one held during a camp or in the wild. Here are some tips for getting it right.

Gas and Oil Gone Green

Gas and Oil Gone Green: A Guide to Conservation Easements

Written By Jim Sullivan, Land Conservation Consultant with Forever Forests LLC. Did you know there are ways to balance oil ...

Georgia Pellegrini profile

Georgia Pellegrini: TV Personality, Chef, Author, and Outdoor Adventurer

Georgia Pellegrini has quickly become known as a contemporary Martha Stewart, working to help women tap into their modern day ...


WOTUS Stay: What Does It Mean?

We can get bogged down in the validity of who has jurisdiction and the legal minutia or we can gaze beyond those arguments and take a look at what is truly at stake here.

Bacchus Caves underground design

Bringing Luxury Caves to Texas

Bacchus Caves brings a one-of-a-kind underground luxury design to build experience to commercial and residential builders and owners throughout the United States, including the always innovative Texas market.

Tax Considerations When Making Ranch Purchase

Tax Considerations When Making a Ranch Purchase

Written by Mary Jane Robinson, CPA The decision to own ranch property may be a lifelong dream. It can be ...

Texas Elections Prop 1

Texas Statewide Proposition 1 – Homestead Exemption

On November 4th, 2015, Texas’s Statewide Proposition 1 for homestead exemption passed with 86% of the vote. Thanks to strong ...

Hosting Guests in Dream Property

Hosting Guests in Your Dream Property

When owning a ranch, or second home, it is fun to invite others to your special place, but there are some things to consider before opening up your home.

10 Best Fall Foliage Trips in the U.S.

You don't have to travel far to take in the phenomenon of fall foliage. All across the U.S., From New England to the Pacific Northwest, deciduous trees put on their dazzling display of color.

Sustainable Sites

A Look at the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES)

The central message of the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES®) is that any landscape—whether the site of a large subdivision, a shopping mall, a park, an abandoned rail yard, or even one home—holds the potential both to improve and to regenerate the natural benefits and services provided by ecosystems in their undeveloped state.

colorado water rights

Real Estate and Water Rights in Colorado

It’s no wonder real estate is complex and buyers are discerning in the state of Colorado. Regional farm and ranch markets are vast and values vary considerably depending on a multitude of factors, perhaps most significantly, water.

Exotic Animals for Your Ranch

Many land buyers are avid recreational hunters interested in creating their own game parks, while some enjoy exotic animals on their ranch for their beauty.

property wind rights

Pitfalls of Severing Wind Rights

Before "cashing out" on wind rights, beware of the pitfalls involved with the severing of wind rights for both the landowner and the wind energy developer.