Robert and Janelle Fears

Robert Fears was raised in Texas where he worked as a cowboy on various ranches during high school and undergraduate studies. He holds a BS degree in agricultural sciences from Sam Houston State University and a MS in Range Ecology from Utah State University. Robert spent two years as livestock manager for the Government of Guam and 33 years in product development for Dow AgroSciences. After retirement from Dow, he chaired the Williamson County Appraisal Review for six years and developed a freelance writing business with his wife, Janelle. The couple writes magazine and newsletter articles, product literature and web material.

How to Manage Your Habitat for Quail Sustainability

One of the most avid and dedicated group of hunters in the entire state of Texas are those that pursue quail. Often their most cherished possession is one or more good dogs that flush coveys and retrieve birds after they have been shot. Addicted quail hunters will freely spend money to support their habit.

hunting animal cruelty

Is Hunting Animal Cruelty?

A majority of our country's citizens are urbanites and have no experience with nature and rural life. Although they lack knowledge of agricultural and wildlife production, an ever increasing number crusade for ending animal cruelty, food from natural and sustainable sources and banning firearms and hunting.

sleeping in the country

Sleeping in the Country

Nothing is more peaceful than sleeping in the country. Nocturnal insects, birds, amphibians and mammals come to life and unite in a chorus of individual notes. The comforting symphony serves as a reminder that we are not alone.

groundwater rights

Groundwater Rights Have Become Negotiable in Property Sales

As the supply of Texas groundwater continues to dwindle, the value escalates and landowners realize that it can add another revenue stream to the property.