Robert Fears

Robert Fears was raised in Texas where he worked as a cowboy on various ranches during high school and undergraduate studies. He holds a BS degree in agricultural sciences from Sam Houston State University and a MS in Range Ecology from Utah State University. Robert spent two years as livestock manager for the Government of Guam and 33 years in product development for Dow AgroSciences. After retirement from Dow, he chaired the Williamson County Appraisal Review for six years and developed a freelance writing business with his wife, Janelle. The couple writes magazine and newsletter articles, product literature and web material.
habitat for small mammals: opossum on fence

Don’t Shoot!: How Small Critters Improve the Country Lifestyle

Few people feel that small mammals like skunk, opossum and armadillo improve country lifestyle; but before you load the shotgun or set the trap, let’s look at what these animals contribute.

sustainable rangelands

How to Create Sustainable Habitat for Big Game Production

This article is adapted from a presentation by Texas Tech's Dr. Warren Conway on “Sustainable Rangelands for Big Game Production and Habitat Management.”

Riparian land management advice

Proper Riparian Management = More and Better Water

Riparian areas or zones are important because they help maintain health of watersheds and healthy watersheds reduce runoff and improve amounts of quality water.

retirement ranch

Retirement or Recreational Ranching: How to Succeed

A ranch is often purchased as a place to relax on weekends and during vacations or it is bought for a place to live after retirement.

Stars are Big and Bright in the Country

An enjoyment of living in the country is abundant clear night sky, usually more than seen in urban settings. As ...

hunting safety guide

Are You a Safe Hunting Partner?: A Guide to Hunting Safety

The fall season is here and many of us have probably started hunting or preparing to do so. It is very important that we don’t let the excitement of the hunt overwhelm our practice of gun safety.

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A Guide to Growing Big Deer

Managing your deer population and wildlife habitat is key to ensuring your deer herd stays healthy and robust.

hydraulic fracking

The True Story of Water Usage in Hydraulic Fracturing

Land brokers and real estate agents, among others in Texas, have witnessed first-hand the positive economic impacts of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which make it possible for producers to tap vast deposits of natural gas and oil trapped in tight sand and shale formations.

duck habitat

How to Create Duck Habitat on Your Land

Areas that stay moist for long periods during the year may have potential for duck habitat.

wildlife recreation revenue

Increase Rural Property Income With Wildlife-Based Recreation

Continued growth of urbanization provides an opportunity for ranches to increase income through wildlife based recreation offerings to the public. Some landowners are currently taking advantage of these opportunities; but there are still unmet market needs.