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As we kickoff the new year, here’s our quarterly snapshot of the biggest ranches for sale throughout the United States. At a combined 1.1 million acres (and combined sales value of over $200 million!), this diverse collection of ranches and farmland unfurls from Rocky Mountain peaks to the arid desert plains of the American Southwest. Sit back and enjoy the view!

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#10 LoneTree Ranch, Wyoming | 69,458 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in U.S.: LoneTree Ranch, Wyoming
LoneTree Ranch | Weston County, Wyoming | $36,000,000 | 69,458 Acres
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The LoneTree Ranch consists of 69,458+/ total acres, of which 45,352+/ are deeded acres. This is an oldline, legacy ranching operation and is among the largest holding of deeded acres for sale in the state of Wyoming. It supports approximately 2,000 cow/calf pairs and has four sets of outstanding living and working improvements. The ranch is also blessed with an abundance of hunting opportunities with trophy sized elk, mule deer and antelope. 

#9 Marton Ranch, Wyoming | 69,550 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in America: Marton Ranch, Wyoming
Marton Ranch | Natrona County, Wyoming | $28,000,000 | 69,550 Acres 
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Marton Ranch is a resource-rich working livestock ranch that includes eight miles of North Platte River frontage, as well as numerous creeks, wells, springs and reservoirs spread throughout the well-watered property. The North Platte’s tailwater section below Grey Reef Reservoir is considered one of the best wild-trout fisheries in Wyoming, and is home to a healthy number of trophy rainbow and brown trout. Rising from an elevation of 5,300 feet along the Platte River to 7,500 feet near Bear Mountain, the habitat here is ideal for livestock grazing as well as robust populations of pronghorn antelopes, mule deer, elk, upland game birds, not to mention incredible waterfowl hunting along the river’s grassy shores. Marton Ranch was listed for sale on June 3, 2016.

#8 Sawtooth Ranch, Arizona | 76,186 Acres

One of the best-watered desert ranches in Arizona, Sawtooth Ranch’s current owner has run as many as 7,000 yearlings in addition to the 500 head cow herd in good years. With only 2,370 deeded acres, the majority of the ranch falls under state lease (40,732 acres) and BLM land lease (33,085 acres). The ranch is located west of Interstate 10 between Red Rock and Casa Grande, Arionza. 

#7 South Clem Ranch, Arizona | 85,351 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in America: South Clem Ranch, Arizona

South Clem Ranch | Maricopa County, Arizona | $1,450,000 | 85,351 Acres
View property listing on Lands of AmericaLocated approximately an hour west of Phoenix, South Clem Ranch lies in the beautiful Harquahala Plains with the scenic Eagle Tail Mountains as its southern boundary. Bordering it to the north is I-10 with the Big Horn and Harquahala Mountains as its backdrop. The terrain consists of a mixture of foothill breaks and nice flat ground in the valley. Centennial Wash runs through the middle of the ranch providing a variety of browse, annuals and grass species. Elevation of the ranch ranges from 1,348 feet in Centennial Wash to approximately 3,100 feet in the Eagle Tail Mountains.

#6 Diamond S Ranch, Arizona | 88,716 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in America: Diamond S Ranch, Arizona
Diamond S Ranch | Maricopa County, Arizona | $1,700,000 | 88,716 Acres
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Diamond S Ranch is a 88,716-acre working cattle ranch set in the Sonoran Desert to the west of Phoenix. It has a carrying capacity of just over 250 head of adult cattle year-round, with a good number of wells and stock tanks to support livestock in this arid region of the American West. Although large in its totality, most of the ranch’s acreage is under lease from the Bureau of Land Management or state of Arizona. Its deeded acreage is 350 acres.

#5 O X Ranch, Arizona | 94,289 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in America: O X Ranch, Arizona
O X Ranch | Yavapai County, Arizona | $22,000,000 | 94,289 Acres
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The O X Ranch is a beautiful desert ranch, highly improved for an efficient livestock operation. The headquarters is situated in a lush valley surrounded by desert mountains. It is uniquely located close to the cowboy atmosphere of Wickenburg, Arizona, which has all the amenities of a small town and is isolated enough for the quiet enjoyment of the desert scenery. The combination of range land and irrigated pastures allows great flexibility for a cattle or horse operation. The headquarters site has been studied as an ideal location for a resort operation utilizing the vast expanse of the ranch property for recreation, scientific studies and horse and cattle experiences.



#4 IX Ranch, Montana | 126,000 Acres

Most expensive ranches for sale in America: IX Ranch, Montana
IX Ranch | Chouteau County, Montana | $69,500,000 | 126,000 Acres
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Set in the rolling prairie land of north-central Montana, IX Ranch is a true legacy ranch, with only two owners in its 128-year history. Currently owned and operated through three generations of the same family, the Roths, IX Ranch runs over 4,000 head of feeder cattle, plus a smaller horse-breeding program for use working the cattle and occasional recreational programs. Given its enviable location in the foothills of the Bear Paw Mountains and adjacent to the protected lands of Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, hunting opportunities at this stellar Western ranch include elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, mountain lion and five species of upland birds.

#3 26 Ranch, Nevada | 126,018 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in America: Battle Mountain Ranch, Nevada
26 Ranch | Lander County, Nevada | $35,000,000 | 126,018 Acres 
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26 Ranch is a massive (126,018 acres) cattle ranch located in northern Nevada’s Battle Mountain region. It is one of the state’s oldest ranches, with water rights that date back to 1870s. The ranch has a carrying capacity of 6,500 cows on a year-round basis. An additional 60,000 deeded acres located inside the perimeter of 26 Ranch are being leased by the ranch and are also currently listed for sale on Lands of America. The historic ranch spans three counties, making it one of Nevada’s largest ranches.

#2 Bar S Ranch, Arizona | 156,000 Acres

Images of Bar S Ranch, Arizona
Bar S Ranch | Mohave County, Arizona | $10,000,000 | 156,000 Acres
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Bar S Ranch is a sprawling 156,000-acre cattle ranch, of which only 3,345 are deeded acres, deep in the heart of Arizona’s cattle country. Most of the property comprises leased state and BLM land, offering a ranch rated to carry 445 Animal Units year-round. A number of working and registered springs offer water to keep the ranch running in this arid and remote part of the American Southwest. The ranch was listed for sale at $10 million on October 3, 2017.



#1 Turkey Track Ranch, New Mexico | 256,000 Acres

Biggest ranches for sale in America: Turkey Track Ranch, New Mexico
Turkey Track Ranch | Chaves County, New Mexico | $18,500,000 | 256,000 Acres
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Listed for sale in February 2017, this is a first-time offering for an historic cattle ranch that has been under the same family ownership since 1947. The expanse of the ranch extends into three southeastern New Mexico counties from the Pecos River Valley in Chaves and Eddy counties, east to the “Caprock Escarpment” in Lea County. The acreage includes 36,582 deeded acres, 49,433 NM State Lease acres and 169,926 Federal BLM Lease acres. One of the last remaining large cattle operations in southern New Mexico, Turkey Track Ranch’s year-round cattle operation has traditionally been a cow/calf operation with calves born in the spring and weaned in the fall.

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