Bacchus Caves underground design

Since 1997, Bacchus Caves founder, David Provost and his team of experienced underground professionals, have continuously developed the one of a kind luxurious experience of cave building and design. Bacchus Caves excavates and designs unique caves for private and commercial clients with a multitude of uses. Bacchus Caves has established a premium reputation for creating a wide range of singular caves designed to fit your every desire.

Bacchus Caves prides itself on creating a streamline process from site selection, engineering, permitting, excavation, all the way to the final build and design. David Provost, founder, and his team of experienced underground professionals have perfected Cave Customization for any project of your dreams.

Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, the Bacchus Caves professional team can provide you everything you need from beginning to end to complete the ultimate project. Regardless if you are looking to build a creative underground getaway, media room, wine storage, or multipurpose room—to a business—say a Hotel looking to add a luxurious spa area unlike anything else. Anything is possible underground!

A veteran of the mining industry for two decades, David Provost is known for his expertise, energy, straight-shooting attitude and uncompromising commitment to doing a job well. Working with him is a team that has earned a reputation for its innovative excavation methods, exceptional workmanship and on site professionalism.

Some of Bacchus Caves’ previously completed projects include The Meritage Resort – The Estate Cave and Spa Terra, a 22,000-square-foot underground spa, tasting room, and massive reception area; Baldacci Family Vineyards, a 6,500-square-foot barrel storage cave; and many private home projects.

Anything is possible underground. Bacchus Caves is presently looking at carving caverns throughout the entire United States—from sunny California to the East Coast, including Hill Country Texas in between. Caves are all individually customized and vary in function including, but not limited to: music production studio, art gallery, luxury spa retreat, dramatic dining chamber, wine storage site, complete winery, shooting range, bowling alley…use your imagination and Bacchus will put it underground.

Once thought to be extinct, it turns out that cave men are alive today —and living very well. But unlike those hairy prehistoric hulks with wooden clubs, today’s cave men are affluent professionals who sip vintage Cabernet in swank, subterranean cellars.  —Jan Walsh, Wine Spectator

For more information, please reach out to David Provost at or visit them online at


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