’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Take the guesswork out of what to get the hunter in your life for Christmas this year with this roundup of holiday gift ideas by, a national news source for product reviews and hunting and conservation news. Rest assured, put any of these items under the Christmas tree this year and you’re sure to have one happy hunter on your hands.

Written by Kevin Paulson, reprinted with permission from

Leatherman Signal2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

Preparing for the worst case scenario is important for all hunters. The all-new Leatherman Signal pairs traditional multi-tool functionality with some new preparedness features like a shaped diamond coated sharpener for maintaining your blade in a survival situation, a fire-starting ferro rod and an emergency whistle. The Leatherman Signal comes with a whopping 19 tools, a nylon sheath and a clip for your belt or pack. This is a do everything EDC (Every Day Carry) multi-tool and it is a perfect gift for the hunter, camper and outdoorsman on your list. | Priced at $99.85;

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for huntersWoolrich Buffalo Check Wool Shirt

Every man needs a wool shirt to throw on and the Woolrich Buffalo Check Wool Shirt is one of the best. This is the kind of shirt that lasts a lifetime of use. Whether you are hunting, picking up the fall leaves or chopping firewood this shirt can handle just about everything you throw at it and still look just as good out to dinner on the town. The red check is a classic pattern that Woolrich has been making for over 100 years. This shirt is comfortable and well built and comes in several colors perfect for the outdoorsman in your life. | Priced at $119.00;

Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

The Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener is one of the easiest sharpeners to keep your knives sharp and ready for any task. This sharpener won the 2016 Blade Show Accessory of the Year award and it is easy to see why. The Work Sharp offers a flexible abrasive belt system as well as a ceramic rod for easy honing of your knives. This unit sharpens kitchen knives, hunting knives, scissors, serrated knives and tools. It is fast and easy to use and requires almost no experience in knife sharpening to use. | Priced at $59.95;

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for huntersMen’s Muck Boot Pursuit Shadow Pull On

We loved Muck Boots so much we practically begged them to be a sponsor. Here is the next generation in the Pursuit hunting boot collection. This premium lightweight hunting boot features a resilient outsole for stability and insulation rated to –40 degrees. The Pursuit Shadow Pull-On winter hunting boot will give you the protection and performance you need to move quickly and comfortably over the most rugged terrain. Yes you read that right, protection down to -40 degrees. These are the premier late season boots and they are tough as nails. Warm feet keep you on stand longer in even the worse conditions. | Priced at $204.99.

Women’s Muck Boot Girls With Guns – Arctic Hunter Tall2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

Muck Boots offers up for women the Girls with Guns Arctic Hunter boot featuring a large-lugged outsole for enhanced grip and traction as well as increased slip-resistance. These offer a women’s fit and a slimmer silhouette giving women hunters a custom fit for long days in the field. Comfort rated to -40ºF, the Girls With Guns Arctic Hunter line is an outstanding choice when the temperature drops severely. The boot comes in a full Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo with the Girls with Guns logo on the side and subtle pops of teal color on the logo and outsole for a feminine touch. | Priced at $179.00;

The Gunner Kennel

We saw the Gunner Kennels this year introduced at SHOT Show and we knew right off the bat that they had a winner. This kennel has the best rating in the industry for crash test results from the Center for Pet Safety. Double-walled rotomolded plastic, virtually nothing stands a chance of breaking through to hurt your dog. With four tie downs holding this kennel to the bed of a truck and options for intermediate or large dogs, this kennel is the safest thing you can provide for your best friend. Made right here in the United States the team at Gunner Kennels is absolutely committed to providing the safest kennels for hunting dogs. | Priced at $499.00 to $699.00 depending upon options and sizes;

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for huntersWoolrich Upland Field Hunting Pants

We got a pair of these last Christmas and they instantly became our go-to pants for just about everything we did in cool weather. These pants are solid, well built and tough as nails. I have used them for late season hunting, cutting firewood, shoveling snow, hunting pheasant, quail and grouse and just about everything in between. These pants are made from tough 10 oz. cotton canvas treated with Teflon Repel, so rain won’t soak through. A double-layer, tone-on-tone brush guard protects your thighs and calves; leather-reinforced cuff prevents fraying at the lower hemline. Double layer seat adds extra protection and they come with a rear technology pocket on the right leg. These pants just bring it in wet grass, thorns or brush and protect your legs and allow you to go all day. | Priced at $120.00;

Leatherman Tread2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

The Leatherman Tread is 29 tools in one all molded into a fantastic looking bracelet that is as solid and as cool as it gets. Regardless of what life throws at you, you can always have the tools right with you to MacGyver your way out of just about any situation. This tool looks as great as it is functional and comes in stainless steel and black which patinas over time. If your hunter likes to make a statement as well as have the tools at your disposal for EDC (Every Day Carry) this is a wonderful gift. Did we mention this this has 29 separate tools all built into one unit? | Priced at $165.00 to $185.00 depending on color;

2016-holiday-gift-guide_vroomipulldownVOORMI Mens Blowdown Pullover

The VOORMI Men’s Blowdown Pullover is made in the United States exclusively from Rocky Mountain High Country Merino Wool and is hand sewn right here in the United States. The wool is SURFACE HARDENED thermal wool and the Phase-Sc Techology Camo helps to keep this pulldown looking just as good in the office as it does in the field. It is warm, light and one of our favorite pieces introduced this fall. This is the kind of pullover that will last for years and become a favorite gift throughout the years. It is machine washable and merino wool provides a natural scent barrier for hunting. | Priced at $199.00 (the RMEF version offers a percentage donation directly for elk conservation);

The Henry Rifle

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

Imagine the look on someone’s face when they open up their present and find a Henry Repeating Arms rifle built right here in the United States. The Henry Rifle is one of those rifles that every hunter I know strives to own someday. Make this Christmas that someday and pick up a Henry Rifle. The Henry Golden Boy is famous around the world for its ability to shoot small game and provide years of plinking fun. This year Henry introduced the Long Ranger. We had the chance to take a .308 mule deer hunting and we were blown away with this lightweight lever action scoped with a Sig Optics Tango 5 Scope. It was deadly accurate on our biggest mule deer ever and was easy to carry for miles of canyon hunting. Whether you are looking for a small game rifle or something more substantial for whitetail or mule deer hunting, Henry Repeating Arms has you covered. | Prices vary;

Winkler Blue Ridge Hunter Knife

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

Every man should own at least one hand forged knife in their lifetime. The heft and quality of knives made by hand are exceptional. Dan Winkler creates some of the best hand forged knives and this particular knife is one of the best. Knives like this are not cheap but they are heirlooms meant to be passed down from generation to generation. When you take the time to order a gift like this you are ordering something that will be a part of your family for generations to come. The 4″ blade on the Blue Ridge Hunter is made from tough, 80CRV2 carbon steel. It has a black Caswell finish that reduces glare and helps protect the blade from rust. The blade’s drop-point shape means it will work well across a wide range of uses and its flat grind makes it easy to sharpen. Because this knife was engineered with balance in mind, it feels comfortable in your hand even when used for something like field dressing game. This knife also incorporates an integral guard and a filed thumb rest on the spine to improve your grip and add a measure of safety. This is a knife and it is also a work of art. Order one for somebody you truly admire and watch the smile light up across their face. | Prices vary;

The YETI Flip 122016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

YETI Coolers are top of the line, bomb proof coolers built to last and as gifts they are best in class. The receiver of a YETI for Christmas knows that you care about them and they understand they have something in their hands worth taking care of. The YETI Hopper Flip 12 is a personal cooler built to hold 12 cans and ice or lunch and enough bottles of water to get you through a single day. They are tough as nails and the cubed body makes this cooler very portable and easy to pack in the morning. With the addition of Yeti Ice and a Yeti Tumbler this combination is our daily go to every single day we are out in the field testing gear. You cannot go wrong with a YETI. | Priced at $279.99;

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

Rhinehart Doloma Buck Decoy

Rhinehart’s been working on the new Doloma series of deer decoys. These decoys are proving irresistible to big game and predators. The unique design allows easy carry into the field, lifelike movement and quiet foam allows these to be carried in quietly and set up easily. The wind moves the head and body easily and these decoys draw in bucks. These are great in archery season and hunting the rut. If your hunter is obsessed with archery season this is the right gift. | Prices vary;

Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

The Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go is a hitch-mounted tiltable hauler that transforms into a wheeled-transporter of heavy objects! Some of us are getting older – I am not naming names – but this year dragging a deer hundreds of yards made me take a serious look at some new options. The Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go looks like an exceptional alternative to the long drag out. This cart looks like it would be handy hauling in garden supplies and coolers on the beach as well as deer out the field. If your hunter is getting a little older like me or hunts a little farther off the beaten path, this would be pretty sweet to have under the tree. | Priced at $199.00.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for huntersPhone Skope

The Phone Skope is a digiscoping tool specifically for using today’s smart phones and spotting scopes, rifle scopes and binoculars to take high quality photos out to several hundred yards. It is the perfect tool for those social media junkies to share high quality photos with hunting buddies across the web and capturing those once in a lifetime shots from great distance. The Phone Skope and the Phone Skope shutter release are reasonably priced and work exceptionally well. |

Zumbo, The Book2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

Jim Zumbo is a legend in the outdoor writing world and he is someone that I have looked up to my entire career once I chose to be a writer. When I was just a hunter, his stories filled magazines and I read everything he wrote and attended many of his seminars. His lecture on “Easy Elk” still sticks with me as I venture off into the canyons where I hunt. This book is an exceptional read about the highs and lows of Jim’s career in the outdoor industry. Hunters will want this book in their collection of outdoor literature. |

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for huntersImpact Sport Hearing Protection by Howard Leight by Honeywell

Give the gift of hearing protection this holiday season. The Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs from Howard Leight by Honeywell protect hearing by automatically shutting off amplification when harmful sound levels are reached, blocking any continuous or impulsive noise over 82 dB. Shooting sports enthusiasts and hunters can rest assured their hearing is better protected from harmful noise, as the Impact Sport earmuffs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22. Plus, the Impact Sport connects to any MP3 player or smartphone via the built-in AUX jack, so you can listen to music in between shots, and the slim ear cup design prevents gunstock scratching. | Available in Pink, Black and Camo;

Camel Hug2016 Holiday Gift Guide for hunters

If you are looking to keep someone warm this winter, yourself included, look no further than the camel hair products from Camel Hug. The socks and caps we’ve tried have enveloped us in fuzzy warmth from head to toe. Camel Hug products are breathable, anti-odor, moisture wicking, and heat retaining. The double layered pure camel hair lining provides exceptional warmth. One of the best features is its washability. Camel Hug socks and caps are machine washable in lukewarm water on gentle cycle. For anyone who has ruined a natural wool product due to a simple oversight such as accidentally including a sock in the regular wash, this feature is priceless. Of course, as with many natural products, you will want to line dry these. Camel Hug socks and caps are anti-pilling and continue to hold their shapes after much use and washing. Whether you are enjoying a frigid day outdoors or you simply want to keep your toes warm while lounging around inside your cabin, the products from Camel Hug will hug you with fuzzy, happy warmth. Yes, we know the website has nothing to do with hunting or the outdoors but these socks are just that good so we overlooked the website. |

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for hunting began at the age of five while hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.


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