Top Ten Gifts for the Ranch Owner with Everything

rancher gift guide

The Lands of America team investigated all sorts of great new technologies and improvements for ranch-owners that are sure to be on your dream-gift list, so enjoy this collection of amazing (but expensive) presents. Who knows, maybe if you’re really good…

  1. Hybrid 4-Seater UTV: Titan Scout H Series – Base Price : $16,599

utv big
While not the first entry into the incorporation of hybrid technology into ATV and UTVs, the Titan Scout H is the whole package. It includes everything you’d expect in a fully-loaded UTV, but the 52 horsepower motor can be powered through either a gas system or from the on-board Trojan battery system. Not only is this an extremely economical choice for a UTV, which are known to be quite fuel-inefficient, but hunters have discovered that they can disengage the gas system as they near the area they wish to hunt and ride  the remaining distance in virtual silence so as not to scare any wildlife.

  1. Zip Line: Viper Deluxe Zip Line Kit – Price: $399.95

For the adrenaline-inclined, zip lines are a great addition to any property. When properly installed they are very safe and can be enjoyed by visitors and family for years. This kit includes everything you need to set up your own zip line including all cable (100 or 200 foot options available)  hardware, green viper “Trolley,” a bungee braking system, and a harness. This is one gift sure to get your heart pumping!

  1. Pond Boat: Bass Hunter EX – Price: $899.99

If there’s a fishing pond, even a smallish fishing pond, you can always use a boat. Getting off of the banks of your fishing hole will help you keep your line untangled and your bait on the hook, as it won’t have to be dragged across the shallows and back to you. Canoes can be easily tipped in an enthusiastic struggle with a lunker bass, so a more stable option is often a better fit for fishing. The Bass Hunter EX, with two removable seats, drink holders for a favorite fishing beverages, a 5hp trolling motor rating, and stabilizing foam-filled pontoons make this the best choice for enjoying your favorite fishing hole.

  1. Heated Insoles: Thermacell Heated Insoles – Price: $119

heated insoles
Nobody likes cold feet. They can ruin a beautiful chilly day of hunting or working outdoors on a ranch in no time. These insoles are the best of the best. They come with a wireless remote, are rechargeable, and keep a steady temperature for maximum comfort. If you’re putting a lot of miles on your feet in cold weather they will also help soothe soreness nicely!

5. Marine/Outdoor Cooler: YETI Coolers Tundra 65 – Price: $359 

yeti cooler

YETI Coolers is the premium brand of coolers available. These coolers are built to last, keep ice frozen, and contents cool for much longer than any other brand. With heavy duty rubber closures, durable UV-resistant outer and inner shell, and two inches of polyurethane insulation (three inches in the lid), this cooler is extremely well-engineered. It’s even lockable, making it resistant to curious bears!

  1. Trail Cameras : SmartScouter – Price: $549 (+ Contract w/ ATT, VNET, or Sprint)


Using the latest wireless technology, this new wildlife (trail) camera is essential for monitoring and managing game on your property. Featuring motion sensors and an infrared flash, it will run on batteries far longer than competitors and take photos without startling the wildlife. What makes this camera unique however are its connectivity options: With a wireless plan from a major carrier, this camera will automatically upload trail photos as they are taken to be retrieved via computer or smart phone. Using this method, one can see exactly where on their property the wildlife is and be in the right spot to see this wildlife the following morning or evening.

  1. Truck-Mounted Hunting Blind: Hylift HL-500GE – Price: $7,995

This is truly an amazing feat of engineering at a price that, for the technology, is quite competitive. The unique feature of the HL-500GE is that the blind is entered on the ground, then can be raised to 19’6 above normal eye level using convenient and simply hydraulic controls. This will literally allow you to transform any full size truck into a mobile full-function hunting blind, perfect for those who do not want to maintain a blind at every good spot on their property, or who are unable to make the climb to a blind. The setup is highway legal and truly a top-of-the-line option for any hunter interested in full hunting freedom on their property.

  1. Portable Outdoor Heater: Endless Summer Stainless Steel Propane Heater – Price: $585.50


Often sitting outdoors on a porch or patio enjoying the views and nature can be limited by the weather, but with a portable heater you can get out and enjoy your property a little longer. Portable outdoor heaters, generally powered using propane as fuel, are a great way to temporarily warm any area. Anyone sitting in the “Cone” created by the reflective top of the heater will feel heat in minutes, and generally these can last up to 10 hours on a single tank of propane. They include a variety of safety features such as tip-sensors to make them a great choice for keeping your family and friends outside and able to enjoy your patio.

  1. Ranch Navigation: Garmin Oregon 550T – Price: $299.99

Navigating around a new or unfamiliar ranch property can be a daunting task with just a hastily handwritten map. Use a fully loaded GPS like the Garmin Oregon 550T and never be lost again (unless you forget batteries!). These devices are constantly improving and come preloaded with topographic maps perfect for finding your bearings outdoors without traditional landmarks. This model even comes with a 3.2 MP camera, perfect for snapping a quick shot of a property or wildlife and allowing you to leave the camera at home.

  1. Hot Tub: Home and Garden Spa 6-Person 80 Jet Hot  Tub – Price: $4999.99

Another cold-weather favorite made the list! This deluxe hot tub can be used on a patio or separate from the house to create a fun time for both friends and family on your property. You can relax outdoors in weather that normally would not be comfortable with up to six people, and kids love them! With advances in materials and mechanisms these hot tubs stay usable and looking good longer than ever. And who can’t use a relaxing soak at the end of the day?


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