The Five-Minute Guide to Building Your Off-Grid Bolthole (Video)

This week’s revelations about Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica data scandal have resulted in a slew of media reports about ditching the social network completely, and some of the challenges therein of getting yourself back into a pre-Facebook state of being.

Which is what led us to the work of Canadian outdoorsman Shawn James, who documented his solo effort—”no talking, no visitors, just carpentry, bushcraft, timber framing, blood, sweat and tears”—to construct an off-grid log cabin in the Ontario backwoods over several months in 2017. Check out the timelapse video above, plus his YouTube channel for more advice and clips about building your own off-grid home.

Looks like a pretty good spot to escape in this day and age of never-ending digital drama, Tweetstorms and political rage on the left and the right! (Of course, this being the 21st-century digital era, you can follow James’ daily adventures on Facebook, his website and various other social-media channels should going off-grid only apply to your real-world aspirations.)


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