biggest land sales in 2016

The banner land news of 2016 was undoubtedly the sale of the half-million-acre Waggoner Ranch to Stan Kroenke in February 2016. While the details of many large and complex land deals such as the Waggoner sale are often not publicly disclosed, the Lands of America Comparable Sales database currently tracks sales information for over 215,000 sales transactions dating back to 2003. This year saw sellers submit sales data for over 25,000 sold properties to our database, totaling some $7 billion in rural land and real-estate sales activity for the year.

Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri were the states receiving the most sales comps in 2016, while La Paz County, Arizona, Natrona County, Wyoming, and Webb County, Texas, were the three counties with the largest combined acreage sold throughout the year.

In a year of considerable market uncertainty, on average properties sold nationally for three percent less than seller asking prices according to data in our Comparable Sales database, suggesting some resiliency for the rural land market. Of the closed land deals, below are the ten most expensive and ten largest land and ranches listed as sold over the course of the past 12 months.

Land buyers can access our comprehensive database of historic sales information by purchasing a LandInsight account ($199/year), while platinum and basic sellers receive complimentary access through the Lands of America Property Control Center.

View of Vista Verde Guest Ranch in Routt County, Colorado
View of Vista Verde Guest Ranch

Top 10 Most Expensive Land & Ranch Sales in 2016

1. Walton Ranch, Wyoming ($39,000,000)

2. Cerrito Prieto Ranch, Texas ($20,061,180)

3. Lamar Bruni Vergara Ranch, Texas ($20,000,000)

4. Vista Verde Guest Ranch, Colorado ($17,000,000)

5. Lazy K Bar Ranch, Wyoming ($15,000,000)

6. Hi-View Ranch, Texas ($14,546,542)

7. Indian Shadow Ranch, Colorado ($13,500,000)

8. Undeveloped California ranchland ($13,000,000)

9. Sandpoint Ranch, Colorado ($12,950,000)

10. Cactus Jack Ranch, Texas ($12,861,081)

Biggest Land Sales in 2016
View of Crazy Woman Creek Ranch, Wyoming

Top 10 Largest Ranch & Land Sales in 2016

1. El Rito Ranch, New Mexico (32,000 acres)

2. SO Headquarters Ranch, New Mexico (25,244 acres)

3. Lazy K Bar Ranch, Wyoming (19,752 acres)

4. Rancho Viejo, Texas (18,240 acres)

5. Lamar Bruni Vergara Ranch, Texas (14,318 acres)

6. Cerrito Prieto Ranch, Texas (10,844 acres)

7. Riddel Ranch, Texas (10,295 acres)

8. Two Creek Ranch, Wyoming (9,672 acres)

9. Becks Bay Hunting Land, Mississippi (8,500 acres)

10. Crazy Woman Creek Ranch, Wyoming (7,845 acres)



  • Lands of America specializes in land for sale, which includes farms, ranches, mountain property, lake houses, river homes, beachfront homes, country homes and residential homes in smaller towns across the country. These properties have many diverse uses including recreational and agricultural activities like hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, horseback riding, four wheeling, grazing cattle, gardening, vineyards, cropland and raising horses and other livestock.

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  • Robert

    How come you didn’t Include the sale of the Waggoner Ranch? By far the largest and most expensive.

    • Lands of America

      Thanks for your note, Robert. As mentioned above, this data relates to sales comps that were submitted through the Lands of America Comparable Sales program. The Waggoner sale details were not disclosed through this program.

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