Fall 2020 Texas Land & Lifestyle Trends

Unique items curated especially for the discriminating Texas land aficionado—from custom wood bows to premium spirits made by hand from wild-harvested West Texas sotol plants.
Texas Olive Ranch

Due to the right combination of vision, knowledge, “tree whispering” and good old Texas primacy, Texas Olive Ranch is home to the largest crop of olives in the Southern United States. With their own natural grown olives, they make the finest extra virgin olive oils you can find anywhere because of their dedication to quality and doing things right. Located in Carrizo Springs, Texas, the sprawling Texas Olive Ranch boasts hundreds of acres and is home to more than 50,000 prosperous arbequina, arbosana and koroneiki olive trees. Grateful for the bounty that Texas land has given them, they believe in honoring it and putting what they reap back into the soil. Their olive oil is 100 percent GMO-free and grown with only natural methods, absolutely no chemicals or pesticides. TexasOliveRanch.com

A Mile Above Texas

On the ground, Texas is a vast patchwork of natural and human landscapes—wide open spaces contrasting with sprawling cities; the watery worlds of rivers, lakes and coastlines giving way to the arid vistas of plains and deserts. From the air, though, Texas takes on a wholeness that unites the landscapes that people manufacture with the land that nature still sculpts. This is the Texas that Jay B. Sauceda portrays in A Mile above Texas, a book of stunning aerial photographs that document the entire perimeter of the state. BarnesandNoble.com

Benoit Bows and Woodcraft

Benoit Bows and Woodcraft, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, specializes in handmade traditional longbows, recurves and custom wood products. Ryan Benoit started into woodworking at a young age and has since restored and built wooden boats and custom homes and is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. BenoitBowsandWoodcraft.com

Moody Leather Co.

Moody's Leather Co. began with a simple desire to make hand-crafted, high-quality leather goods offered at honest and straight-forward prices. The work ethic they pride themselves in today began generations ago with artisan and founder Miles' grandparents, Moody and Thelma Taylor. They both served their country during World War II and continued to serve America by dedicating their lives to working for the government and raising cattle. After the war, many farmers and ranchers needed guidance, and Miles' grandad was there to lend his expertise and a helping hand. Intentional in their designs, meticulous in their work and obsessive over what makes it to their customers, Moody's still does business the same way they did—with a handshake guarantee. This leather sleeve fits over the handle of any standard cast iron skillet and works like a potholder to keep your hands from burning when cooking that delicious ribeye. MoodysLeatherCo.com

Desert Door Texas Sotol

Made by hand in Driftwood from wild-harvested West Texas sotol plants, Desert Door Original Texas Sotol is a premium spirit that tastes unquestionably of the land. The sweet citrusy and herbal flavor is reminiscent of a desert gin crossed with a smooth sipping tequila. A premium, uniquely Texas spirit using only three ingredients: wild-harvested Texas sotol plants, purified water and organic yeast. DesertDoor.com

Leslie Webb Design

Hornedfly is a custom made outdoors accessories and tools brand. They work hand in hand with only a few of the most talented local smiths and woodworkers in Lithuania to offer unique designs and products! This Fly Box is made from solid redwood and laser print design, water resistant and smooth to the touch with hidden hinges and a magnetic lock. Hornedfly.com


Most portable speakers aren’t actually meant for the outdoors and can’t withstand the elements, and the ones that can aren’t loud enough to be heard. Realizing that this was a huge need among likeminded adventurers, Turtlebox set out to make the world’s loudest most rugged outdoor portable speaker. When you’re at the beach or on an ATV, you need sound to carry in order to hear it over the wind, waves and boat engines—you need a Turtlebox. Turtlebox is proud to be a Texas company. TurtleBoxAudio.com

Hill County Rifles - Carbon Rifleman

No other rifle combines the precision of the Defiance Rebel action, Proof Carbon Fiber barrel and Hill Country Rifles' proprietary Rifleman stock design in a lightweight carbon fiber shell. The Rebel action features a one-piece bolt construction with deep spiral flutes and very open “Sheep Hunter” loading and ejection port. The Rifleman stock features the best blend of grip shape, comb height and forearm dimensions of any long-range hunting stock on the market and weighs less than 28 ounces. All metal is coated in a tough Cerakote finish in the color of your choice. A customized, one-to-one aluminum pillar and glass bedding system is applied to the action. HillCountryRifles.com

Barbecue Wife Margarita mix

Inspired by the attention to detail and the “no corners cut” methods of preparation used in smoking Central Texas craft barbecue, Catherine Stiles created a line of unique craft cocktail mixers simply made better. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Barbecue Wife Margarita Mix uses a unique and simple process to create a "junk free" margarita mix. It's a blend of real lime Juice, NOT from concentrate, Texas Hill Country filtered water and hand-smoked Texas honey. They load up the smokers with local Texas Honey and smoke till mellowed just a bit for an all-natural organic sweetener. BarbecueWife.com

Heartwood Trade - Ole Man Landing Net

Heart Wood Trade is the creation of Dustin Scott, an outdoor enthusiast who learned the art of fly fishing and woodwork from his late father. The craftsmanship shines with dovetail details and his signature contoured handles that ensure a true grip when landing your catch. Named after the YETI film series, My Old Man, this net comes in two sizes. A perfect fit for your kayak, canoe or boat. HeartWoodTrade.com

High Seas Beef Jerky

High Seas specializes in jerky, but they also have a rotating supply of fresh-made hot sauces, pickled goods, jams, jellies, marinades and a wide assortment of other snacks and condiments. They use only the freshest ingredients and try to source locally when possible. They never add any artificial flavors or preservatives and take great pride in offering products with ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. Made in Texas. HighSeasJerky.com

Observing & Evaluating Whitetails

Contained among the book’s 475+ stunning color photographs are sequences of numerous impressive bucks over multiple years showing their body and antler changes, providing a comprehensive overview of how to age and score white-tailed deer on the hoof. Dave also teamed up with noted whitetail authorities Dr. R. Larry Marchinton and Brian Murphy to provide cutting edge information on whitetail communication, sensory capabilities, aging after harvest, diseases and more. The New Updated Edition is a must-have resource in learning more about North America’s most popular big game animal! RichardsOutdoorPhotography.com

Ultraskiff 360 Watercraft

The Ultraskiff 360 Watercraft is the original, first and only patented, user friendly, portable design of a round boat.  The Ultraskiff redefines balance and stability thanks to a proprietary design that inverts the outer deck into the hull, enabling a platform with one-of-a-kind 360-degree stability, comfort, safety, storage, mobility and versatility of seating options. Great for fishing, hunting, photography, eco touring, relaxing/tanning or even as a swim platform.  Ultraskiff.com


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