Summer 2018 Land & Lifestyle Trends

Our snapshot of the latest goods, gear and more for land aficionados, from elegant, hand-made furniture to handcrafted cheese from the rolling hills of central Iowa.

INSIDHERLAND is a brand of furniture and lighting inspired by natural wonders and the excellence of art. Created by architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand of exclusive designs. Drawn with the signature of their creator, the impressive range of furniture, lighting, upholstery and accessories are connected to her personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative and soulful designs. Being positioned in strategic markets of high-end luxury decoration, the INSIDHERLAND team is proud of working with the best architects and interior design studios from all over the world who seek handmade exclusive objects that arouse emotions and stand out in exquisite spaces. Using the expertise of traditional craft techniques, all creations are made by the hands of Portuguese master craftsmen and jewelers who wisely sculpt them from noble materials, finalizing every detail with elegance and perfection.

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Mountain Meadow Wool
Mountain Meadow Wool yarn

Nestled at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains along the western plains of Wyoming, Mountain Meadow Wool is a family-operated mill. They are committed to revitalizing the American wool industry through eco-friendly operations and fair prices for their ranching partners. Concerned with the disappearing Basque sheepherding way of life despite its lasting impact on the area’s history, they embarked on a journey to preserve and sustain the ranches of the Great American West. In 2007, Mountain Meadow Wool opened their doors as a full-service mill offering premium prices for wool raised on local ranches.

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Fremont Knives
Fremont Knives

Fremont Knives was named after Fremont County, Wyoming, where people live the modern western dream. With a background of working for a large knife company and inspired by outdoor-oriented friends' love of the rugged country and its self-sufficient people, the founders of Fremont Knives decided to start their own enterprise designing tools for those who have real needs due to the time they spend outdoors. Fremont Knives creates tools such as the versatile Farson Blade, modernized from a brilliant ancient tool found in the Great Red Desert near Farson, Wyoming.

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Range Leather Co.
Range Leather Co. purse

Range Leather Co. believes that working with your hands is a respectable trade, so that's what they do. Each product that passes through their Laramie, Wyoming, workshop is carefully crafted to wear in, not out. Details are paid attention to and products are built to stand time. At Range Leather Co., they are proud to carry on the made-in-America tradition.

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Mississippi Miracle Clay
Mississippi Miracle Clay

Suzanne Boren-Davis, a former Miss Tupelo, Mississippi, Ole Miss alumni and real southern beauty, had over 20 years in the cosmetic industry. She began using the clays her mom and brother were sending her and was amazed at the difference in her skin. She became their first and biggest fan, changed her skincare regimen to include clay and quickly started helping find a way to get the message out. Soon, their energies and backgrounds all came together and they formed Mississippi Miracle Clay in 2008, launching an old and long-forgotten concept in natural skin care.

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Fine Guns: Volume I
image of Fine Guns book cover

Fine Guns: Volume I is a collection of high-end gun photography created by John Andrew Yerger featuring the guns of Steve Barnett Fine Guns. Based out of West Point, Mississippi, Steve Barnett Fine Guns is home to one of the most impressive collections of fine guns in the world. After over thirty years in the trade, Steve Barnett has built a first-class inventory of high-end shotguns, rifles and handguns.

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Women and the Land
image of Women and the Land book cover

Women and the Land takes a look at more than 25 women who are impacting Iowa’s farmland. Some of them have inherited rural property and are managing the agriculture practices from afar. Some are working the land directly, providing food to the heartland. Some are working in tandem with their husbands, fathers, sisters, daughters. Many of them grew up on a farm, left the land to get an education and left the state to follow their passions, only to find that their deepest passion is really the land and have returned to it. Each of the women is affecting the land in her own unique and feminine way.

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Milkhouse Candle Company
Milkhouse Candle Company candle

Milkhouse Candle Company founders Eric and Janet Sparrow have strong ties to agricultural America. Their midwest upbringing inspired the creation of a cleaner, healthier candle experience. Starting off as a hobby in 2002, the couple shared their creations with friends, family and co-workers, and suddenly they started getting more requests for candles. Years later, Milkhouse has grown into a thriving company that continues to produce soy and beeswax candles made with love in Osage, Iowa. The Milkhouse blend of waxes is simple: pure beeswax and natural soy wax from soybeans grown in America’s Midwest. No artificial dyes are added and there is no lead in the wicks. Their blend of waxes provides a safe and clean-burning alternative to paraffin candles.

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Maytag Dairy Farms
Maytag Blue Cheese

Seventy-seven years after the first wheels of world-famous Maytag Blue Cheese were made by Fred Maytag, his family tradition continues. Each wheel is handcrafted on the family farm in the rolling hills of central Iowa, still owned and operated by his children and grandchildren.

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