Jim Brosche and Brenda Moerschell, The Ranch and Land Group at Compass Real Estate

With more than 45 years of collective real estate experience in their hip pockets, Jim “JB” Brosche and Brenda Moerschell are riding point on The Ranch and Land Group for Compass Real Estate in Texas with offices in Dallas and Fort Worth.

“Compass is a dynamic company with a strong—and growing—presence in the luxury market across the country,” Brosche said. “In Texas, it makes sense that they have a ranch and land presence, and Brenda and I are eager to help craft that presence.”

The long-time colleagues and friends, who helped launch the Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Ranch and Land Division, are excited about the opportunity to break new ground together again.

“I came to Compass because I wanted to be on the ground floor of building something spectacular for ranch real estate clients,” said Moerschell, who spent 35+ years working in the Park Cities luxury home market as well. “This opportunity allows me to create something new—and continue to get in my truck and show clients exceptional rural properties, which is my passion. Jim’s presence confirmed that it is the right move at the right time.”

Jim Brosche and Brenda Moersch, The Ranch and Land Group at Compass Real Estate

The veteran professionals, who work throughout the state, recognized the opportunity presented by affiliating with Compass, a respected brand that is relatively new to the Metroplex.

“Compass arrived about a year ago and already has a large market share in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow,” said Brosche, noting that when the company moves into a city its goal is to hire the top 10 percent of the top-producing agents in that city’s luxury market. “Already, Compass has amassed the highest performing collection of agents in the Metroplex under one roof, and it’s an honor and a responsibility to be part of that group.”

According to Brosche, one of the many benefits of having so many top producers in a single place is their expansive network of qualified buyers. In addition, Compass gives all of its brokers and agents proprietary digital platforms that puts them on the forefront of digital marketing and gives them unsurpassed reach.

While the duo, who has extensive experience with both high-end ranches and luxury residential properties, uses all of the tools available to showcase properties for their sellers and locate the most suitable properties for their buyers, they don’t let technology supersede the basics. Personal service tops the list of essentials.

“When clients sign on with The Ranch and Land Group, they get Brenda and me—24/7,” Brosche said. “They get our full attention and our expertise as well as our commitment to making every transaction as seamless and easy as possible. Rather than handing our clients off to other agents, Brenda and I believe that it’s in everyone’s best interests to work directly with our clients. It’s that personal touch—they hired us, so we’re who they deal with.”

The Jim & Brenda Experience

Brosche and Moerschell first crossed paths in 2011 when they were part of the core group that launched the Ranch and Land Division for Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s. Jim was the firm’s top ranch producer and eventually left to start the The Ranch Advisors Realty Group but was excited about the prospect of working with Brenda and creating a Ranch and Land platform for Compass.

“I am passionate about crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’ in every contract,” said Moerschell, noting that she’d likely be a real estate attorney alongside her brother and son if she weren’t a real estate broker. “With that said, though, nothing beats being with clients in the country.”

Brenda Moersch, The Ranch and Land Group at Compass Real Estate

Working together, the duo quickly recognized they were standing on common philosophical ground rooted in land. While Moerschell was reared in Fort Worth, she spent weekends in Cooke County in Marysville on a ranch that has been in her family since 1876. She and her family now own and manage the family ranch today.

“My father instilled a respect for the land and a commitment for keeping it in the family for the next 100 years,” said Moerschell, who first sat astride a horse when she was three years old and professes a deep abiding love for livestock of all types.

Brenda Moerschell has been a realtor for my family for over 20 years. She is one of the most kind, dedicated and hard-working individuals you will ever meet. Brenda makes the real estate world manageable and takes great care of you in the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or purchase real estate.


Brosche comes by his love of the land naturally, as well. His grandfather was a dairy farmer, his father had a 4,100-acre orange grove, and Jim lives on a working cattle ranch in Bosque County.

“Life on the land teaches you a lot of lessons including how to work hard and how to work smart,” said Brosche.

His work ethic carried him through service as a U.S. Army Officer and then into sales and management positions in pharmaceuticals, agricultural fertilizer and real estate development. When Brosche sold his business interests, he moved to his Bosque County ranch, outside of Glen Rose, full time and followed his passion to be a ranch realtor.

On the ranch, Brosche raises black baldies, a cross between hereford and angus cattle, and keeps his horses, a palomino and gray, well-ridden and ready to go on long distance, back country trail rides to places like Monument Valley.

To ensure the western lifestyle he respects continues into the future, Brosche is active in the Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate, a group of Fort Worth professionals who raise money to buy the livestock raised and exhibited at the show by Texas 4-H and FFA high school students.

“Because Brenda and I actively ranch, we can assess properties with a rancher’s eye,” Brosche said. “We understand the nuances of ranching and land. We can help sellers identify their properties’ advantages, and we can help buyers determine if a ranch is a good fit for them.”
Preparation is the key to custom-fitting ranches to buyers. The first step is having an in-depth conversation with their clients about their ultimate goals for the ranch they are wanting to purchase.

“Many times when clients come to us, they know that they want to purchase a ranch but aren’t really sure of what they want or need,” Brosche said. “We ask a lot of questions on the front end that helps them—and us—pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for.”

“When he showed us the ranch that we ultimately purchased, he was in no way aggressive regarding signing a contract as he wanted it to be the perfect fit for us. To say that Jim was exceptional may be an understatement. He is a man of vast knowledge, a man of integrity, and a true gentleman. We have the ranch we wished for and we made a great friend in the process.”

When we started our search for a legacy ranch for our family, finding a trustworthy and professional realtor with knowledge of ranching and the land was essential. Jim proved to be all that and more. He was on the constant vigil for the ‘special’ place we were looking for. In addition, throughout the process he had our best interests in mind . . . both financially and in finding the perfect property.

—Tracy & Kelly, COO of a Fortune 400 Company

Some people are looking for a recreational property while others are looking to actively manage wildlife, livestock or both. Some want a tangible legacy that can be enjoyed by future generations of their family while still others are looking to diversify their investment portfolio with an asset that historically performs well.

“Unlike stocks and bonds, land is an asset people can enjoy,” Moerschell said.

Regardless of the clients’ goals, an in-depth understanding of their wants and needs allows Brosche and Moerschell to match properties to potential buyers with a high degree of precision. They are selective in the properties they agree to represent and in the properties they show clients. Because time is recognized as one of modern mankind’s most precious commodities, clients value the efficiency.

“It’s not unusual for us to show a client three ranches and have them purchase one of them,” Brosche said. “Granted, it sometimes freaks them out a bit because they’re used to residential real estate where it’s not uncommon to view dozens of homes. With land, though, when it’s right you know it.”

Knowledge is another essential element of a well-prepared realtor.

“We strive to know as much as we can about any property and the surrounding area,” Moerschell said. “Of course, if we don’t know something, we’ll be the first to admit it—and quickly find the correct answer.”

Jim Brosche, The Ranch and Land Group at Compass Real Estate

The amount of knowledge they’ve amassed through careful research and experience sometimes catches clients by surprise.

Hearing the truth is one thing clients can count on from both Moerschell and Brosche, who were both raised to recognize the bond of a handshake in a business deal.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” Moerschell said. “In our home, the Golden Rule was the gold standard for behavior. If you live like that, in both your personal life and in business, you’re rewarded with relationships built on trust.”

Brosche concurred, “We conduct our business so our clients know without doubt that we’ve got their best interests at heart every step of the way. We deal primarily with high net worth individuals who have high expectations and standards and we strive to exceed them.”

As a result, many clients have become friends and stay in touch long after the transaction. Moerschell and Brosche relish these longstanding relationships and the ability to provide service after the sale.

“We don’t disappear after the paperwork is signed,” Brosche said. “Brenda and I are both available to share what we know . . . whether that’s where to buy a tractor or what to look for in a good saddle horse.”

The duo counts helping people achieve their goals as buyers and sellers as the ultimate high.

“We get to do what we love with people we love,” Moerschell said. “Knowing we helped people achieve what they wanted to do—and they feel good about the way we did it—is an exceptional experience.”

The Ranch and Land Group | Compass Real Estate
5960 Berkshire Lane, Suite 700
Dallas, Texas 75225
214.814.8100 (office)

Jim Brosche
jim.brosche@compass.com | 817.233.5143 (mobile)

Brenda Moerschell
brenda.moerschell@compass.com | 214.957.9401 (mobile)


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