Marsha Spinks: I am a Land Specialist

Land is in my blood. It's my living—and my life.

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spe • cial • ist | spe-sh(ə-)list noun
a person who specializes in a particular occupation, practice or field of study

Marsha Spinks

Broker Associate
Liveoak Farms Ranches Homes

 Fear is the enemy of hope.”

Where do you live?  Coleman, Texas (just outside of Abilene) 

Where do you work?  Liveoak 

What drew you to ranch and recreational real estate?  I’m a city girl who fell in love with a country boy and made a life here. We’ve been running a cow-calf operation since 2013 and are now raising our babies in the pasture surrounded by wildlife and livestock. This part of our life makes selling land so much easier. We are living it too. 

What makes the corner of the world where you work special?  Coleman County is diverse, from rich farmland to rolling oak pastures to the Colorado River. We have a little bit of everything and are centrally located.  

What are the three most important tools in a ranch broker’s kit?  The obvious answer is a ranger, MapRight, and competence in what you’re showing. However, the most important thing in rural real estate is trust and relationships. Suppose you have a surveyor, title attorney, landman, dozer operator, etc. You can call to help solve a problem or bring something to the closing table quickly, and there is no tool to buy that can replace those relationships. 

If you could call anywhere on the planet home, where would it be? Why?  Texas is home and always will be. We spent our 10th anniversary in Montana last year and I could definitely get on board with a getaway cabin in the mountains. 

What’s the most profound lesson you’ve learned from the land or its people?  There is beauty in everything in nature. God had a plan when he designed it and his people. 

Listener or talker?  Talker. 

If you had one extra hour of time per day, how would you use it?  Reading. 

Would you rather be without Internet for a week or your phone?  You can’t go without either one in real estate. However, I could pack quickly for a phone and laptop-free cruise with my family. 

If you could give one-sentence advice about how to live life, what would that be?  Give grace wherever you can. 

Describe your perfect work day.  Exploring a piece of property with a hidden canyon or creek bottom. I love stepping into somewhere it looks like no one else has been in decades or centuries. 

What is your most memorable deal to date?  Seldom Rest Ranch—my first big land listing. The sellers gave me a chance with their biggest investment when I was young and just starting. You never forget that. 

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