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Pat Doyle, the new Managing Director of LandLeader, defines success for himself and the network of exclusive real estate professionals the same way. “Success for myself and LandLeader is defined very simply—deliver the absolute best marketing results for our real estate brokerages—leading to increased property listings and sales,” said Doyle, who most recently worked as director of marketing for ORCA premium coolers based in Nashville.

Prior to his stint with ORCA, Doyle spent 28 years working in sales, brand management and marketing for Ford Motor Company. Before his retirement in 2015, he and his family relocated nine times during the time he worked for the Ford brand, which gave him a personal look at life across the United States. Day in and day out, regardless of the location, Doyle lived and breathed the essentials of effective marketing.

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In his estimation, good marketing—whether it’s automobiles, recreational products or rural real estate—boils down to the basics.

“Keep it simple,” Doyle said. “Do your research. Know your target customer. Educate on your benefits or ‘tell your story.’ Stay consistent in your brand. Craft a strong call to action. Budget effectively. Measure everything, then analyze—and adjust as necessary.”

The job of Managing Director at LandLeader is akin to being a CEO. Doyle will manage the overall operations and act as the primary point of contact with the board of directors.

“To me, leadership is all about strong communication, passion and commitment, positivity and collaboration,” Doyle said. “And a good leader consistently executes—and delivers—all of those elements.”

As Managing Director, Doyle will also make major decisions and allocate resources.

“I’m a ‘lead by example’ kind of guy who operates on strong principles and loyalty,” said Doyle, who characterizes himself as a consummate team player. “I’ve got a strong commitment to our team and its mission. I take great pride in setting the pace with strong communication and organizational skills—and the drive to win.”

As the second Managing Director in LandLeader’s history, Doyle will use his experience and ethos to leave his mark on the position and the organization.

“I plan on leaving my mark on LandLeader by growing brand awareness, brand relevance and ultimately brand equity through consistent execution of our marketing deliverables,” Doyle said.
Every good leader has a vision for the near- and long-term.

“My short-term vision is to continue building on the rock-solid fundamentals that have been established by our previous leadership team,” Doyle said. “In the long-term, I want LandLeader to deliver the absolute best marketing results for our member brokerages. I said it before, but it bears repeating.”

Regardless of what happens, member brokers and their clients can trust that Doyle’s hand will remain steady on the wheel.

“Life has taught me to always stay steady and balanced,” Doyle said. “Things are never as good or as bad as they seem.”

That piece of wisdom is particularly important in an industry such as rural real estate where so
many factors driving the market are beyond anyone’s control.

“Marketing and selling land for a living makes us sensitive to rain, wind, drought, commodity prices and anything else that affects our clients’ values positively or negatively,” Doyle said.

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The LandLeader Difference

Because land use patterns are changing as rapidly as the rest of the world, LandLeader provides guidance on “highest and best use” valuation to help sellers achieve their goals in a sale—and perhaps see their land in a new light.

As an example, Doyle mentioned midwestern fields in river bottoms that have traditionally been planted in row crops but have never had their recreational potential considered.

“Many times, these fields will sell for a higher price than the agricultural market will bear because of their recreational opportunities, such as hunting,” Doyle said. “In addition, many of the buyers will lease their land back to the farmers because the new owners want to enjoy it, but not farm it.”

To get the highest value for their land asset, it’s important that landowners be open-minded.

“What used to work best is not always the answer in a changing agricultural economy,” Doyle said.
In the midst of continual change, there is a constant that landowners and buyers can rely on.

“LandLeader continues to grow and be successful because of our rock-solid business model and our tremendously talented and experienced network of real estate brokers and agents,” Doyle said.
LandLeader, founded in 2014, is America’s premier marketing company dedicated to promoting outstanding real estate brokerages and the properties they represent. Currently, LandLeader represents 15 brokerages in 40 states.

“At LandLeader, we handle the consistent marketing platform so our brokerages can do what they do best—list and sell property,” Doyle said.

The LandLeader marketing platform is comprehensive and strategic. Members’ properties are effectively showcased using a complete marketing plan that includes listings on their national television show, hundreds of websites, magazines, email newsletters, social media, internet ads and catalogs.

Thanks to the power of the broad network, LandLeader is a national force transaction after transaction. Brokerages benefit from the power of a national brand, which drives more traffic to their offices and provides more exposure for their listings. More exposure means more sales. For sellers, the national network means immediate access to a larger pool of qualified buyers.

LandLeader property sales have continued to increase year over year due, in large part, to improved marketing, messaging and national brand awareness.

“LandLeader property sales have continued to increase year over year due, in large part, to improved marketing, messaging and national brand awareness,” Doyle said.

The network’s reach will continue to expand as the group looks to add successful brokerages in some key states that are not currently represented. According to Doyle, the list includes: Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa.

“The future is very bright for continued sales increases for LandLeader and its member brokerages, as well as the industry as a whole,” Doyle said. “Recreational land and the push by people from the city to find ‘space’ is fueling a very strong market, especially for rural estates, waterfront properties, horse properties, hunting properties and anything with a good recreational component.”

LandLeader is poised to capture a growing market share.

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Pat Doyle and his family

Outside the office with Pat Doyle

LAND: Tell me about your family.

PD: I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 30 years. We have two wonderful children; a son who is 27 and a daughter who is 25.

LAND: Is this the first time you’ve lived in Colorado? What’s exciting about being here?

PD: This is our second time to live in Colorado. We’re returning after spending 15 years in Nashville. We absolutely love the four seasons and the crisp, fresh air. Plus, the all-around outdoor lifestyle in Colorado is second to none. Plus living on the front range with proximity to the mountains is something we’ll never take for granted.

LAND: What do you do when you’re not working?

PD: I love to hike the mountains. Plus, I really enjoy hunting and fishing, particularly, fly fishing.

LAND: How did you get into real estate?

PD: I actually grew up in the real estate business. My dad established his own thriving real estate business, Doyle Realty, in Michigan in 1960. My older brother still operates it today.

I learned the importance of “location, location, location” in real estate years ago from my dad. He also taught me the importance of looking someone in the eye while you’re shaking their hand and always doing what you say you’re going to do. My business philosophy was built on his, which was: a Doyle’s word is his bond.

LAND: What is your tie to rural land?

PD: My love of the land began as a very young boy. We were very fortunate to grow up in the country and on a lake, so we had access to an incredible outdoor playground right outside our door.

Our access to hunting land was literally two miles down our road. As young boys, my three brothers and I couldn’t get enough of being at our deer camp . . . hunting, planting food plots or just hanging out at the campfire listening to our dad, our uncles and their friends tell hunting stories. The smell of a campfire, even today, takes me back to some of those first memories where my love of the land began.

The Land Leader, LLC is a marketing and real estate listing service that specializes in promoting land for sale, ranches for sale, recreational properties for sale, farms for sale, waterfront properties, hunting land for sale and more for our exclusive members.

LandLeader® exclusive members are professional land experts for various types of properties across the country. Our brokerage partners specialize in selling rural land, recreational properties and large tracts of land. LandLeader® agents are the leaders in their territories and continue to represent their clients’ properties with trust, integrity and a deep knowledge of land values.

Windsor, Colorado | Pat Doyle, Managing Director
(970) 460-0908 | (844) 281-4301 | |

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  • Lorie A. Woodward has worked as a writer and public relations practitioner exploring the intersection of agriculture, natural resources and public policy for almost 30 years. Her career, which has included stints in the public and private sector, has taken her across the country and around the world, where she has been enthralled by the people of the land and their stories. She is the president of Woodward Communications and co-owner of The Round Top Register, a regional magazine focused on life in the rolling bluebonnet hills of central Texas where country meets city. Woodward was reared on a ranch near Lexington, Texas, but now makes her home in San Angelo with her two children, Kate and Will.

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  • Dan Stadler

    Congratulations Pat!
    Pat is a true professional, and a good leader, put your trust in him.

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