The Shockey Collection; Jim Shockey

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For more than 40 years, Jim Shockey’s name has been synonymous with excellence in the outdoors, and his newest endeavor, The Shockey Collection, is born of that proud tradition.

“If I had to choose one word to describe what I, along with my family and team, have built, it would be excellence,” said Shockey, who is an internationally known hunter, outfitter, conservationist, outdoor journalist, television personality and entrepreneur. “The Shockey Collection, an exclusive, curated offering of premier sporting properties from around the world, meet our exacting standards—and are worthy of carrying our name.”

The Shockey Collection brings Shockey’s unparalleled experience in the outdoors to bear in a new way.

“Whatever success we’ve enjoyed in the hunting world has come, in part, from recognizing great hunting properties,” said Shockey, who owns several exclusive outfitting territories in Canada, including the renowned Pacific Rim Guide Territory on Vancouver Island and the famed 12,000-square-mile Rogue River Outfitting in the Yukon Territory. “When it comes to productivity not all land is created is equal, and you have to know what makes good habitat, you have to understand animal behavior and travel patterns, you have to notice a myriad of tiny details, to know if a property is going to provide a successful foundation for an outdoor enterprise.”

Shockey, who hosts Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures and Jim Shockey’s Uncharted, is, according to a 2017 Outdoor Life article, “likely the most accomplished big-game hunter of the modern era.” His pursuit of big game and adventures has taken him to 50 different countries where he’s ventured far off the beaten path.

“In my travels, I see great properties, I see bad properties—and everything in between,” Shockey said. “Experience and time are the only ways to gain knowledge. Now, I’m at a point where I know the difference between exceptional, good and merely average.”

His real world knowledge forms the basis of the strict criteria and evaluation process that sets The Shockey Collection apart in the marketplace. 

“Exclusivity in and of itself has no value,” Shockey said. “True value comes when something is vetted by someone with tremendous knowledge and given a stamp of approval.”

The Shockey Collection

All properties in The Shockey Collection are evaluated and scored by qualified professionals in nine categories: overall quality, trophy quality, wildlife populations, accommodations/improvements, staff/guides, tags/hunting opportunity, culinary experience, operation and wildlife habitat.

The collection is divided into two tiers, Premier and Select. Premier properties must meet the criteria minimums for all nine categories that are applicable to the property. Select properties must meet the criteria minimums for overall quality, trophy quality, wildlife populations, tags/opportunity, and wildlife habitat in order to qualify.

“Very few properties qualify for The Shockey Collection, so it’s an exclusive property that earns the distinction of inclusion,” Shockey said. “It’s got to be an excellent property before we’ll put our name on it—and we believe that vetted exclusivity can add value in the marketplace for sellers and peace of mind for buyers.”

Since its launch in June, The Shockey Collection’s portfolio has grown to include 10 properties: five in the United States and five international properties ranging from a 29,000-acre South African hunting reserve to an almost 1,300-acre water-rich angler’s paradise in Patagonia and a 3,900-acre ranch in British Columbia ideally situated in a valley between two mountain ranges.

“We represent properties in areas known for superior hunting—and the properties that meet our standards are the best in their class,” Shockey said. “For instance, if we represent a whitetail ranch from the Brush Country of South Texas and whitetail property in hardwoods of Illinois, they will obviously be different from one another, but they will be the best of
their region.”

Sellers and buyers benefit from Shockey’s hard-earned reputation for integrity, honor and unflinching honesty.

“The only thing you’re born with that you get to keep is your word,” Shockey said. “People believe what we say because we’ve never given them reason not to believe us.”

The Shockey Collection; Jim Shockey

The Shockey team will gladly evaluate properties represented by other brokerages to determine whether or not the properties qualify for The Shockey Collection and its suite of marketing advantages. To maintain the standards of The Shockey Collection, the working relationship and use of the collection’s branding is strictly defined. 

As an added benefit, The Shockey Collection can provide consulting and/or management services.

“From an operational standpoint, I can tell someone what is viable and sustainable for a property,” Shockey said. “My career has left me well-versed in conservation and marketing—and has taught me to recognize what is worth spending money on.”

Advice can range from big picture goal setting to make-or-break details such as age class harvest strategy.

“Many times a potential buyer has made their professional mark outside the hunting industry, so their expertise lies somewhere else,” said Shockey, noting his team can also manage a property on behalf of its owner. “Unlike many other things, knowledge can’t be inherited—it can only be gathered over time, which in my case is 40 years—but I am glad to share what I’ve learned to help shorten someone else’s learning curve.”

For decades, Shockey has summited professional pinnacle after professional pinnacle in the outdoor industry, The Shockey Collection presents a new, welcome challenge.

“Through this real estate venture, I’m looking forward to helping people’s dreams come true by bringing the very best hunting properties to the market,” Shockey said. “At The Shockey Collection, you can take our word to the bank.”

The Shockey Collection logo

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