Advertising Options to Boost Your Listing & Brand Exposure

Exclusive to Network subscribers, boost your listing visibility by purchased Showcase and Featured Property access for your listings. This will ensure your listings are seen by the most engaged and high-intent buyers during their search experience.

Showcase Properties

image of land, rural landscape, land for sale

Get the most exposure for your property by purchasing a Showcase Property ad.

Showcase Properties are the only listings on the home page and they appear at the top of search results.

Availability is limited to just 15 spots per site

Featured Properties

image of land, rural landscape, land for sale

Promote your property to the top of search results with a Featured Property ad.

Featured Properties appear above Platinum listings and just below Showcase Properties (if any).

Availability is limited by county.

Other Benefits

  • An eye-catching background
  • Larger, more engaging photos
  • A ‘Showcase’ or ‘Featured’ banner
  • The ability to keep a limited spot by swapping properties as needed
*Source: Compared with Basic plans using Google Analytics and internal data

animated gif of Property Control Center

How to purchase Featured & Showcase Property placements

To purchase a property spotlight, click on the tab at the top of your administration area labeled Advertising. You can choose from Featured & Showcase Properties, Broker Banner Ads, and Magazine. A Showcase Property is one of the 15 properties posted on one of the front pages. Select the dropdown menu to get pricing and availability for the property for which you are interested in featuring.

The next page will show you all the pricing and availability for the different sites that you can feature your property on. You can select the length of time and the desired website that you would like to purchase a spotlight on, and proceed to checkout.

A showcase property spotlight comes with several benefits. Having your property on the front page will acquire at least 50 times more exposure. The featured page will rotate all of page positions every time the page is viewed. You will also have the ability to change out or add more time to your advertisement at any time, under Current Featured Properties. All of the pricing is determined by the state and based on the state’s activity.

How to manage your Featured & Showcase Properties

Showcase properties are front page advertisements and can be purchased in addition to the basic account to maximize exposure to a certain property. Users can purchase and remove showcase and featured properties through this interface as well as exchange one property for another. When a featured property has been purchased, the spot is locked in and not the property which allows users to change one property for another without having to purchase another featured property.

To be able to manage purchased featured spotlights, you can click on Advertising at the top of the page, and then on Showcase & Featured Properties. The Current Showcase & Featured Properties tab of the following page (located below the heading label “Showcase & Featured Properties”) allows users to view all the featured properties that are currently active on the network of websites. To change out a property spotlight, you can click on Switch Property, to change the spot out with another one of your listings. To extend your secured spot, you can click on Add Time, and enter in your billing preferences.

Broker Banner Ads

image of land, rural landscape, land for sale

Broker Banner Ads are perfect for those interested in getting more exposure for their company. Purchasing a Banner Ad will secure a spot on the Front Page and all search pages for the website purchased, and are changeable at any time. We have limited these ads to eight spots per website in order to maximize your exposure.

There are several different websites available to choose from. You can view all pricing and availability under the Advertising page located inside your account. Click on the Broker Banner Ads located on the left hand side. On this page, you can choose from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to choose your site of interest. Another menu will appear asking you to select a duration of time. Once you have selected these two, you can click on Purchase Banner Ad, and proceed to checkout. Instructions will follow on the next page.

Broker Banner Ad Benefits:

  • Your banner will appear at all times on the homepage and all List View search result pages for the website purchased.
  • You can swap in new banner artwork at any time via the admin area.
  • LandsofAmerica has an in-house design team that will help you craft a custom banner that complements your company logo and suits your advertising focus.

You can choose to advertise on one of our national platforms:

  • Lands of America

Or you can narrow your focus to cover the state(s) of your choice, for example:


Pricing and financing information cannot be displayed on these banners. These Broker Banner Ads are for company promotion only. Availability is limited. Contact us today at or call 512-263-5600 to inquire on pricing.

  • The Network is the largest online marketplace for the purchase and sale of rural land and real estate. The network includes online marketplaces, and, plus the LAND Magazines publications, LAND and TEXAS LAND magazines.

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