New Mapping Functionality Now Available for LAND Network Sellers!

Lands of America released the first iteration of its property mapping functionality in 2009. This week, we’ve launched a redesigned tool to help buyers visualize your property even more effectively. According to a recent survey conducted among prospective buyers on Lands of America, maps are one of the most important features for the land-research experience (along with top-notch property photography). Today’s mapping update includes new features that allow sellers to easily add property boundaries and markers for on-site features such as wells, barns and houses to their listing maps.

New features include:

  • Automatically locating and mapping property boundaries with a Google-powered autocomplete field
  • Mapping property boundaries by selecting one or more parcels
  • Adding multiple markers, including templates for houses, wells, barns and gates
  • Adding multiple lines, including predefined templates for roads, trails and fences
  • Adding multiple shapes, including predefined templates for parcels and ponds
  • Attaching multiple photos to markers, lines, and shapes
  • Customizing any object’s name, description, color and style

Although we just launched this new tool, we’re already working on enhancements. You can expect an option to add these maps to your website and share them directly. Login today in to your Lands of America seller account to take advantage of this powerful new feature!


  • The Network is the largest online marketplace for the purchase and sale of rural land and real estate. The network includes online marketplaces, and, plus the LAND Magazines publications, LAND and TEXAS LAND magazines.

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