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Land is different. You are selling the view along with the property and you need to represent it well! High-quality images are one of the most important assets in attracting viewers and potential buyers to your listing, and ultimately to sending you a lead. It is your biggest first impression, so make it count. Here are five tips to take property photos like a pro.

Focal point

Make sure there is something to see in the picture. A photo of a field isn’t very exciting, but it can be if you find a subject to draw the viewer in.

Remove clutter and distractions

This means you want to keep things that distract from your focal point out of the frame. A big ugly tree branch, out of focus buildings and animals, your side view mirror, all can distract from a beautiful image. Pay attention to what is in the frame and crop before you hit the button.

Shoot mostly horizontal or landscape format photos

Most online image viewers give priority to images that are wider than they are high. This is because the computer monitor can display larger horizontal pictures for a better experience. Be sure to have most of your pictures in the horizontal format, especially your best ones.

Make it clear

One of the biggest complaints from buyers are blurry pictures. Be sure to hold still when you take the photo, wipe the lens off if it is dirty, don’t take pictures through your window, and avoid pictures in low light situations. All of these can cause the picture to come out less than clear.

Consider a zoom lens

If this isn’t your first or last time taking property pictures, you might want to consider getting a camera with a zoom lens. This will allow you to take a wider variety of interesting pictures, from close-ups to wide shots in different conditions.

Take these tips into consideration when taking pictures around your properties and you will be see and increase of interest from your online property listings. For more advanced tips, see our next article: Taking Property Listing Photos that WOW


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