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What type of deer hunter are you? Deer hunters take several shapes and forms, and everyone has their own approach to bagging bucks. Some more successful than others, but to each their own. Below, we made up a list of different types of deer hunters, and we’ll let you decide what category you fall under.

Go through the list, check off where it applies to you and then let us know what type of deer hunter you are:

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The Got One of Everything Guy

Does your truck look like a traveling archery shop on wheels? If you have more straps, screws and other DIY gadgets than your average bow shop, then congratulations, you’ve earned yourself this title.

The Guy With Too Much Gear

Are you like a small pack-mule walking through the woods in the morning? If you make two trips up and down your treestand just to get all your gear settled, then you can carry this title with you as well this hunting season!

Image of deer hunter

The Meat Hunter

You have your priorities set, and don’t give a dang about what social media has to say. The first order of business when you shoot a deer is track em’, clean em’, freeze em’.

Social media can wait, and you’re busy grilling up some venison tenderloin anyways. Congratulations, you are a meat hunter. And the best of your kind!

The Texter

You should always be aware of your surroundings sitting in your treestand, instead, you’re too busy tippy-tapping a novel and scrolling through apps to notice that 8-point walking in on you. Of course, unless you’re reading articles on OutdoorHub, put the phone away and get ready for that buck to show up.

Image of deer

The Whitetail Steward

You’ve been chasing whitetails for some time now, and have developed a rich understanding and respect for ‘the chase.’

Given the choice between a 140-inch 8-year-old and a 165-inch 3-year-old buck, you pull the trigger on the 8-year-old because everybody knows it’s much harder to harvest a wise old deer. Plus, it benefits the herd.

Spoken like a true whitetail steward.

The Excessive Caller

During the rut especially, you’re just one grunt or doe bleat away from bagging your dream buck. However, your excessive calling sounds like you’re trying to summon every deer in the county like Ace Ventura calling for the wild.

So, what type of bowhunter are you? Comment below and let us know!


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