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how to tame your backyard space

How to Create a Tame Backyard Space

Mother Nature is already an excellent designer, making it easy to choose plants for your land, besides what nature already offers. Here are some suggestions on how to choose plants for your land.

how to choose plants for your land

How to Choose Plants for Your Land

Mother Nature is already an excellent designer, making it easy to choose plants for your land, besides what nature already offers. Here are some suggestions on how to choose plants for your land.

green home tips, eco-friendly home

7 Ways to Turn Your Rural Home Into an Eco-Friendlier Place of Living

Simply moving to a rural area and getting away from city life does not automatically turn your property green. To truly make a difference that means more than just living in the country, consider these seven elements when you build your rural green home.

image of large home

Securing Large Properties: Smart-Home Security Tips for Larger Lots

Securing a large property with smart home technology may require some creativity, but you may be surprised by the range of tools at your disposal. Here, our expert provides a rundown of what you should expect and consider.

image of barn constructed by Barn Pros

Gallery: 20 Beautiful Barn Designs for Your Land

Enjoy the view of these 20 beautiful barns from the veteran barn kit providers at Barn Pros, plus get the essentials for what you need to consider before building a barn on your land.

new home under construction

Guide to Renting Tools for House Building

Building your own house from scratch can be one of the most exciting but intimidating prospects. After buying the plot of land and finishing all the paperwork, you'll want to save as much money as possible, so one great way of cutting down on the final costs of the project is renting the tools to build your new home.

House with solar panels

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment for Your Home?

My neighbors have solar panels. Each time I drive up our driveway those panels glare back at me with judgement. ...

essential tools for renovating old buildings: picture of old barn

5 Best Tools for Repairing an Old Building or Barn

With the right tools and some dedication, you can turn your rundown shed, barn or cottage into a useful and attractive outbuilding. Here are five essential pieces of equipment that you'll need to get the project done.

image of eco-conscious home

7 Eco-Conscious Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

There are more than a few eco-friendly ways to heat your home, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular alternatives to help you think sustainably and keep your home warm this winter.

image of home in winter

Preparing for the Cold: Your Winter Roof Checklist

Shoveling snow and salting walkways are to be expected, but if you really want to be prepared for winter and survive the wrath of Jack Frost, winterizing your roof is key.

view of restored historic home

Keeping the Past Alive: 10 Architect-Approved Tips for Renovating Historic Homes

Anyone who's ever owned an old house wishes those walls could talk. Here are ten tips for renovating a historic home to keep its storied past alive.

Picture of energy-efficient lightbulbs

Which Energy-Efficient Improvements Offer the Best ROI?

Transforming your home into an energy-efficient space doesn't have to break the bank. Here are a few energy-efficient home improvements that offer the best bang for your buck.

Interior design tips, how to incorporate geography

Uncharted Territory: Ways to Incorporate Geography Into Your Home Aesthetic

For a home that shows off your wanderlust, here are a few creative ways to incorporate geography into your home-design aesthetic.

Finding Design Balance: When Your Home is Historical, But Your Taste is Modern

If you want to keep up with the Joneses—and with the interior design magazines—you need to have room to incorporate modern details that are both stylish and appropriate for your property.

green home upgrades

Green Upgrades to Your Home That Will Attract Prospective Buyers

Studies have shown that green homes sell faster and sell for more than comparable non-green properties, particularly in areas with high energy prices.

tips for installing wooden fence

Simple Tips to Consider When Installing a Wood Fence

Whether your outdoor space is a multi-acre ranch or an intimate urban patio, a wooden fence can help you rein in your space and gain privacy. Here are some simple tips when choosing a wooden fence for your property.

energy-efficiency tips for older homes

Energy-Efficiency Tips for Older and Historical Homes

Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean brand-spanking new. Historic properties come with colorful stories that make them worth every penny you spend on their upkeep. Here's some tips to save dollars on your home purchase over the long run.

energy saving tips for winter

6 Budget Improvements You Can Make to Save Energy This Winter

Here are six of the cheapest and most profitable energy-saving projects for your home to keep your utility bills in check this winter.

storm shelter guide

Shelter from the Storm

Now may be the best time to create a safe haven for your family during a storm—especially if you live in rural Texas.