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Hunting in Texas: More than Just a Whitetail State

Don’t overlook Texas when prospecting around for options to pursue mule deer and elk.

hunting animal cruelty

Is Hunting Animal Cruelty?

A majority of our country's citizens are urbanites and have no experience with nature and rural life. Although they lack knowledge of agricultural and wildlife production, an ever increasing number crusade for ending animal cruelty, food from natural and sustainable sources and banning firearms and hunting.

Leasing Hunting Land Advice: photo from The Last Buffalo quail hunt

Is Leasing Your Land for Commercial Hunting a Good Idea? A View from the Field

With hunting season just around the corner, now is the time to put hunting lease agreements in place. Whether it's an individual or commercial operation, there are pros and cons to each arrangement. Writer Heather Richie went out in the field to join one outfitter for a hunt and learn more about the professional land-lease relationship for landowners.

Tech We Like: Powderhook’s New Hunting & Fishing App

Billing itself your "outdoor help desk," the new hunting and fishing app from Powderhook seeks to get more people outdoors with advice from locals.

hunting land marketing tips

Marketing 101: Strategies For Hunting Enterprises

Knowing your product as well as your customer is key to successfully marketing your hunting land.

texas hunting land

Top Texas Hunting Land

With 97 percent of land in Texas privately owned, most hunting by the estimated 1.1 million Texas hunters takes place ...

Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day Gifts for the Outdoor-obsessed Dad in Your Life

Father’s Day on June 19 is a chance to tell your dad how much you love him—that is, if you ...

Dan Allen Hughes Jr.

Dan Allen Hughes Jr.: Interview with One of Texas’ Biggest Landowners

Although the Hughes family has amassed one of the largest inventories of private land in Texas, Dan Allen Hughes Jr. sees immense value in public land.

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ElkQuest Hunting Operation Up for Sale for First Time

ElkQuest, the world-renowned elk-hunting operation near Durango, Colorado, is on the market for the first time in its history. In business for over ...

whitetail deer hunting operations

Antlered Assets

There is one animal in particular that generates more revenue than all God’s wild creatures on earth put together and that is the whitetail deer.

The Animals of Lands of America

From aoudads to zebras, here are some of our favorite pictures of animals on land and ranches for sale on Lands of America.

Hunting Dog with pheasant

Driven Pheasants at Highland Hills Ranch

Join us for a storybook pheasant hunt hosted by British author, instructor and gunmaker,, Chris Batha at renowned Highland Hills Ranch.

bowhunting advice

Ranch Prep for Bowhunters

Preparing for bowhunters is a different challenge than preparing for rifle hunters. For many years I bowhunted almost exclusively and ...

Born in Scotland, Raised in Texas

Georgia Pellegrini joins us for a retreat of hunting at the 1,200 acre Beretta Trident Joshua Creek Ranch and talk to the Kercheville family.

gun dog trainer

Gun Dog Trainer Extraordinaire: Robert Milner

Robert Milner wants to ask sportsmen a personal question: Would you discipline your own children with a shock collar?

Exotic Animals for Your Ranch

Many land buyers are avid recreational hunters interested in creating their own game parks, while some enjoy exotic animals on their ranch for their beauty.

exotic wildlife guide

Guide to Introducing to Exotic Wildlife on Your Land

Owning land in Texas means different things to different people. For some who have inherited land, it is an opportunity to maintain their family’s heritage. For others who have recently purchased recreational land, it is a chance to create a legacy of their own.

hunting safety guide

Are You a Safe Hunting Partner?: A Guide to Hunting Safety

The fall season is here and many of us have probably started hunting or preparing to do so. It is very important that we don’t let the excitement of the hunt overwhelm our practice of gun safety.

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A Guide to Growing Big Deer

Managing your deer population and wildlife habitat is key to ensuring your deer herd stays healthy and robust.