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Steady as She Goes! Texas Land Markets in the Second Quarter of 2019

Research economist Dr. Charles Gilliand reports on Texas land markets for the second quarter of 2019.

Prosperity Rules: Texas Land Markets in the First Quarter of 2019

Research economist Dr. Charles Gilliand reports on Texas land markets for the first quarter of 2019.

Texas land markets forecast for 2019

2019: Uncertain Times in Texas Land Markets

Research economist Dr. Charles Gilliand reports on Texas land markets for 2019.

Texas 2018 Third Quarter Land Market Report

Research economist Dr. Charles Gilliand reports on Texas land markets for the third quarter 2018.

Tracking the Trend in Land Values

Have you wondered what your land is worth? The only way to truly know its value is to have hard data on market trends. Fortunately, that kind of information is available thanks to a friendship forged over 50 years ago.

image of land surveying equipment

Notes from the Field: It’s Time to GIS—Get It Surveyed!

A detailed look at what to expect from a land survey of your property, and why it's so important to conduct a thorough survey with the help of a qualified land professional.

image of farmer on tractor in field

Impacts of Brush Management on Land Values

When it comes to brush work, it’s been said that you should know your plants, know their values and know how to manipulate them. So, as a land owner, don't simply focus on goals that only suit the needs of today but consider how to best preserve or enhance your land values for tomorrow.

how much is an acre of land worth?

How Much is an Acre of Land Worth?

How much is land worth in your state? We take a look at how to understand price-per-acre values for land at a local and national level.

Report: Texas Land Markets at the Beginning of 2017

Texas land prices reached a new high in the first quarter of 2017. However, deflated prices have essentially remained rather flat since 2015. These first quarter results indicate that current market dynamics reflect a more measured environment compared to the accelerated growth in 2013-14.

when to buy land

Is Now an Opportune Time to Purchase Land?

Predicting return on investment when purchasing land can be hard to nail down. While no one can truly predict what the ROI of an investment will be, looking to industry indicators is a good start when choosing where to place your hard earned money.

Source: Real Estate Center Texas A&M University

Texas 2016 Land Market Report

Following the robust price recovery from 2012 through 2013 when prices surged by 7 to 10.5 percent annually, Texas land markets seem to have taken a break.

10 Biggest Land & Ranches for Sale in 2016

Throughout the year, we've profiled everything from a turnkey vineyard in southern California's Paso Robles region to the auctioning of Joe Cocker's Colorado ranch to the sale of John and Jackie Kennedy's former Virginia farm. Below is a roundup of the five biggest and five most expensive ranches and land listed for sale in 2016 that are currently on the market.

What will $500,000 buy in my state?

What Will $500,000 Buy You In Each State?

Here is what $500,000 will buy in all 50 states in the United States, from a century-old fixer-upper to prime oceanfront California real estate.

Off to the Races: A Look at the Q2 2016 Land Market in Texas

Despite continuing turmoil in the oil patch, Texas land markets managed to post a small price gain in the second quarter of 2016, moving up just short of 2.5 percent to $2,500 per acre from the 2015 year-end price of $2,441 per acre.

Picture of ranch gate on land for sale

How to Determine the Right Price for Your Ranch Property

Real estate agent Chris Kopf offers some expert advice for pricing your ranch for sale based on market values and other important factors.

texas land values

Second Wind for Texas Land Markets?: A Look at the Q4 2016 Land Market in Texas

Final year-end results indicate that 2015 Texas land market price trends slowed considerably.

2016 Looks to Be a Transition Year for Texas Land Markets

Since 2010, all segments of Texas land markets have prospered with rising prices and increasing interest.

Land Prices for 2016

According to our recent survey of land buyers and sellers, land prices in 2016 are on the rise in most ...

Land Market Survey

The Lands of America 2016 Land Market Outlook Survey

The results are in from our 2016 Land Market Outlook survey. Nearly 1,000 land buyers, sellers, and brokers sent in ...

property wind rights

Pitfalls of Severing Wind Rights

Before "cashing out" on wind rights, beware of the pitfalls involved with the severing of wind rights for both the landowner and the wind energy developer.

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