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guide to mineral rights: image of oil drill on land

What You Need to Know About Mineral & Surface Rights on Your Land

If you are planning to buy or sell land, it’s essential to know exactly which rights are included. As a landowner, you clearly control the fields, forests, ponds, buildings, and other things on the surface, but what about what’s below ground?

Buying Land for Building a Home Versus Buying a House

Should you buy a house or buy land to build a home? Both options have some important differences you should be aware of so that you can make an informed decision.

Admire from Afar, Inquire up Close

If you’re considering buying a property from a distance, it’s important to do your homework and work with the right pros.

young couple riding quad bike

Hidden Talent: Property Value from Untapped Sources

Whether your property can swish an over-the-shoulder three-pointer or do a double back flip off the diving board, it’s got something valuable that isn’t obvious. Take some time to find that value for yourself or your client for maximum property benefit.

Gas and Oil Gone Green

Gas and Oil Gone Green: A Guide to Conservation Easements

Written By Jim Sullivan, Land Conservation Consultant with Forever Forests LLC. Did you know there are ways to balance oil ...


WOTUS (Waters of the US) and Land Ownership

WOTUS (Waters of the US) is the on-going challenge to regulate water pollution — the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and ...