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image of Adirondack chair by lake

Going Home to the Mountains

I lived in the Adirondacks for several years and welcomed my first child there. My family and I left after three years, but I dreamed of returning to the mountains someday, and I continued visiting the Adirondacks whenever possible.

Vineyard in the Finger Lakes Wine Region of New York

6 Great Wine Destinations in the U.S. & Canada

Wine travel doesn’t have to mean a trip to France or Italy. There are thousands of vineyards and wineries waiting to be uncovered right here in North America. From the valleys of California to the fields of Quebec to North Carolina, wine destinations across the continent offer distinctive regional flavors, plus they’re easily accessible for a weekend getaway with your crew.

off-grid living guide

Off-Grid Living: A Guide to Outdoor Living in Upstate New York

Since the beginning, Christmas and Associates has worked with many customers to set up their own small, self-sufficient camps. Helping people build a remote camp that is completely energy independent and comfortable is easy, affordable and rewarding.

Listing of the Week: Cold War-era Nuclear Missile Silo in Upstate New York

Once the site of the United States' nuclear missile deterrent during the Cold War, this former missile silo in Upstate New York could be refashioned as an underground residence, organic farm or even dance venue!

Eye-Popping: 9 Places for a Scenic Fall Drive

As the country's hue tilts from green to an array of golds, yellows and reds, we take a tour of some of the best places around the country for a scenic fall drive.

private island for sale

Strand Us Here: Incredible Private Islands for Sale

Let’s face it, private-island ownership is typically the realm of movie stars, music legends and mega-millionaires. Virgin tycoon Richard Branson ...

Fantasy Properties Where You Are The Star

Live out your favorite TV shows and movies in these unique properties for sale on Lands of America. Lord of ...