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Just LANDed Properties

Just LANDed: Winter 2021

From the pages of the Winter 2021 issue of LAND magazine, enjoy a first look at these properties that have just landed on the Land.com Network.

Rcereational land for sale in eastern Oklahoma

Broker of the Week: Billy Greenwood, RE/MAX Champion Land Brokers

Congratulations to Billy Greenwood with Poteau, Oklahoma-based RE/MAX Champion Land Brokers for his sale this week of a 7,621-acre wildlife sanctuary in the San Bois Mountains area of southeastern Oklahoma.

Guide to native plants of the Southwest: Opuntia santa-rita

Guide to Native Plants of the Southwest

If you live in the American Midwest or Southwest, you are surely no stranger to the difficulties of trying to maintain a luscious, verdant garden. It can be incredibly hot and dry, making it tough to cultivate many strands of ornamental plants.

Understanding Historical Weather Patterns to Improve Ranch Selection

What is the carrying capacity of a ranch? An extremely important question that requires an understanding of regional soil and water factors as well as historical weather patterns.

no trespassing

How to Properly Position Purple Paint to Put Off Trespassers

Reasonable people respect private property rights and would never trespass. But just in case trespassers are tempted to stray onto your land, there are some things you can do as a landowner to indicate your property is yours and entry is only by your invitation.

Leasing Hunting Land Advice: photo from The Last Buffalo quail hunt

Is Leasing Your Land for Commercial Hunting a Good Idea? A View from the Field

With hunting season just around the corner, now is the time to put hunting lease agreements in place. Whether it's an individual or commercial operation, there are pros and cons to each arrangement. Writer Heather Richie went out in the field to join one outfitter for a hunt and learn more about the professional land-lease relationship for landowners.

how to survive a tornado

How to Survive a Tornado

Tornado safety is a matter of preparation and education. Here are some tips to help you plan for a tornado strike in your area.