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texas agricultural land trust

The Texas Agricultural Land Trust: Created by Landowners for Landowners

Conservation easements, as part of a comprehensive estate plan, can help families pass their ranches to the next generation.

Picture of ranch gate on land for sale

How to Determine the Right Price for Your Ranch Property

Real estate agent Chris Kopf offers some expert advice for pricing your ranch for sale based on market values and other important factors.

ranch buying advice

“Understanding” Buying Western Ranches

Broker Dan Murphy of M4 Ranch Group offers expert advice about transforming the potential of your ranch asset into a lifetime investment.

Sandow Hay Baies

Sandow Lakes Ranch On Track for Partial Sale in 2016

Alcoa’s broker representative for the sale of Sandow Lakes Ranch, Bernard Uechtritz, announced that the property is on track for a partial sale in 2016.

High Plains Ranch for sale

Property Spotlight: Get the Adventure Buzz in Colorado’s High Country

The wires of the Interweb were buzzing this week with the arrival of 6,900-acre High Plains Ranch on the market. And ...

land restoration

The Value of Restoration: A TWA Topic

Linda Campbell and husband David Mahn headed west, searching for a ranch they could manage for quail, which meant buying in either South Texas or West Texas. They had a budget, a wish list—and a vision.

Picture of ranch gate on land for sale

Walk This Way: Signature Ranch Gates

We showcase our favorite ranch gates from ranches for sale on Lands of America.

unique barns for sale

Picturesque Barns on Farms and Ranches for Sale Around the U.S.

Whether serving as storage sheds for equipment and grain, shelter for cattle or renovated living spaces in country homes, barns add ...

ranch buying guide

A Ranch Within Ranch: Guide to Buying Land in a Ranch Community

More and more people express a desire to own a mountain property as a retreat from the daily grind of city life, with hopes of building a family legacy of experiencing outdoor adventures.

texas ranch brigade camp

Ranch Brigade: Learning, Leading and Land Stewardship

The goal of camp isn’t to make you the best rancher in the world; it’s to provide you enough knowledge so you can tell the story of stewardship and give back to the community.

retirement ranch

Retirement or Recreational Ranching: How to Succeed

A ranch is often purchased as a place to relax on weekends and during vacations or it is bought for a place to live after retirement.

Donning the Camo Cowboy Hat: Balancing Wildlife and Livestock

The allure of owning ranchland is deeply rooted in our American culture. As the late novelist, Louis L’amour wrote, “There’s a little cowboy in all of us, a little frontier.”

milton greeson

Milton Greeson: A Legacy of Change

Although rich legacies shape his life, Milton Greeson Jr. is not hidebound by tradition.

Waggoner Ranch, Texas

Texas’ Waggoner Ranch Officially Changes Hands

Judge approves sale of historic Waggoner Ranch in Texas to billionaire Stan Kroenke. The massive ranch covers over 500,000 acres.

bowhunting advice

Ranch Prep for Bowhunters

Preparing for bowhunters is a different challenge than preparing for rifle hunters. For many years I bowhunted almost exclusively and ...

Tax Considerations When Making Ranch Purchase

Tax Considerations When Making a Ranch Purchase

Written by Mary Jane Robinson, CPA The decision to own ranch property may be a lifelong dream. It can be ...

farm selling tips

What You Need to Know When Selling a Farm or Ranch

If you're considering selling a farm or ranch, there are important tax and financial planning issues of which you need to be aware. We take a detailed look.

Todd Renfrew, broker and owner of California Outdoor Properties

Broker Spotlight: California Outdoor Properties’ Todd Renfrew

Todd Renfrew, broker and owner of California Outdoor Properties, has his dream job—and he’s not interested in changing it.

Best places rto buy land for retirement: Wyoming retirement land for sale

The “New” Value of Ranch Properties

While Webster’s New World Dictionary defines a ranch as “a large farm, especially in the Western U.S., for raising cattle, horses, or sheep,” the fact is that this traditional definition of a ranch only scratches the surface of what transpires on many of today’s larger western properties.