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image of urban planner with maps

The A to Z of Land Uses: Understanding Land-Use Specifics

Understanding land-use specifics will set you up for success when it’s time to finally buy that vacant land you’ve had your eye on. Here's our guide to the most important land-use classifications.

Guide to planning for retirement

Guide to Buying Land for Retirement

Whether you’re years away from retirement or it’s creeping up on you rather quickly, it’s never too late to add buying land to your retirement plans.

advice for investing in land through an IRA

How to Invest in Land With a Self-Directed Retirement Account

If you make money by selling, leasing or developing raw land, you can put these same strategies to work for your future with a self-directed retirement plan.

Best Places to Buy Land for retirement

Where to Buy Land for Retirement

We look at a few of the factors that go into deciding where to invest in land for retirement, and pick out the best states for retirees.

retirement ranch

Retirement or Recreational Ranching: How to Succeed

A ranch is often purchased as a place to relax on weekends and during vacations or it is bought for a place to live after retirement.

advice for buying rural property

At Home In The Country – Buying Property Outside the Suburbs

Many Americans are looking for the peace and quiet of the rural countryside, but buying and financing a country dream home is not the same as the suburbs.