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Put Your Land to Good Use

Putting the land into agricultural production or following an approved wildlife management plan can significantly lower property taxes. In many cases, it also can support the ecology of the region.

Steps to Take Before Buying Rural Property

What do you get when you combine high demand and low interest rates? A Texas land rush, according to Farm Credit lenders.

Tax Relief for Texas Landowners

Take advantage of ag-use valuations to lower your rural property taxes. If you own rural land in the Lone Star State, there are ways to reduce your property tax burden.

Agriculture & Wildlife Tax Appraisal in Texas

If you’re a Texas landowner, you’re in good company; 97 percent of our state is privately owned and managed. Accompanying the thrill of owning property in Texas, though, is that all-too-familiar sting of the state’s high property taxes, which begs the question—how can landowners maximize the use of their property?

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What You Need to Know About Taxes When Selling Your Land

Selling your land can feel like a daunting undertaking, especially when it comes to taxes. Here are some of the most important tax consequences and potential savings strategies to be aware of if you’re preparing to sell your property.

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Everything You Need to Know About Conservation Easements

If you’re a landowner seeking to balance land use with conservation, and you want to make sure your vision for your property remains intact beyond your lifetime, consider setting up a conservation easement.

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What the New Tax Law Means for Agriculture & Rural Landowners

The largest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in three decades went into effect this year, impacting farmers, ranchers and other rural landowners in a variety of ways. For the most part, financial experts anticipate benefits for these groups.

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Year-End Tax Prep: 5 Tips for Landowners

As the year winds down, you’re probably already thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. If one of them is to keep better track of your finances, this is the time to look back at your records and prepare for tax season or a major purchase.

Tax Considerations When Making Ranch Purchase

Tax Considerations When Making a Ranch Purchase

Written by Mary Jane Robinson, CPA The decision to own ranch property may be a lifelong dream. It can be ...

Texas Elections Prop 1

Texas Statewide Proposition 1 – Homestead Exemption

On November 4th, 2015, Texas’s Statewide Proposition 1 for homestead exemption passed with 86% of the vote. Thanks to strong ...

wildlife management valuation

Habitat Management Practices for Wildlife Valuation

While agricultural tax valuation is fairly common, Texas landowners have a unique opportunity to qualify for wildlife management valuation.

Keep it in the family

Keep It In The Family

Oh, the excitement you feel the moment you purchase your first piece of land. You’re filled with plans for the ...

Section 1031

Section 1031 Is On The Tax Reform Table

There has been a lot of talk about the need to reform our huge and complicated tax code. Like most things in life, the tax code is neither all good nor all bad. As much as we hate taxes, we like many of the things they pay for, such as public schools, highways and national parks.

Understanding Section 1031 Tax Exchanges When Buying Land

Few long-term investments can match land for added income potential and enjoyment.

1-D-1 Valuation

1-D-1 Valuation – Tax Breaks for Wildlife Habitat

Ruben Cantu and Greg Simons of Wildlife Consultants offer their expert advice on 1-d-1 valuations and implications for property and land owners' taxes.